Cameroon: UN International Day of Peace

Prepared by UPF Cameroon

At the event, Pastor TOSI Ezekiel began with prayer and then we had the national anthem by the entire audience. The MC of the event Mr. Bekuike Jonalus (member of Education Staff Cameroon) introduced the panel composed of three people, Rachel Van Iersel the deputy secretary General of Universal Peace Federation who warmly welcomed the participant with a speech and tune a song for peace (Peace is not a word, it’s a way of life), Honorable Njume Peter Ambang (MP and Ambassador for Peace) read the message of the UN secretary general and the Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation Cameroon Rev. Innocent Ndasi Fongoh gave a powerful presentation of UPF view in relation with the theme of the year 2020, by using UPF module on the original principle for Divine Peace and the 5 Principles of Ambassador for Peace. People were so captured and were taking a lot of notes, some were snapping the PowerPoint presentation with their phone camera.

After all the speeches, we proceeded with nomination of two ambassadors for peace (Dr. Ntonifor Helen Manka and Mme Comfort Ngum Nchia who received some details on their mission. the closing remark was a sort of call for participation in peace seminars and was given by the secretary general of Cameroon. The event ended around 5 PM with a family picture and some refreshment.

All Participants were very impressed and positive about UPF vision in shaping and building a world of peace that, many came up at end to congratulate UPF.


  • Dr. Wouedjie Thegue Alice Nora (University Lecturer PHD): «I am very impressed with UPF mission and actions on the field especially that of restoring couples and families; I wish my couple will found its way out of troubles through UPF.”
  • Dr. Ntonifor Helen (PHD, University Lecturer and special advisor at the ministry of Scientific Research):” the presentation was very rich, deep, well prepared and lectured methodologically; although I am a University lecturer, this was of high quality with clear explanation, it was truly and really convincing. As the new nominee I will do all my best to be up to the task of an Ambassador for Peace.
  • Pastor TOSI Ezekiel: « My wife and I really lack words to appreciate the lecture given by Rev. Fongoh, it’s really the truth it is too big to for a man to understand and master this for a little time given. We have to found time to go through the lecture.”

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