Zambia: Preparation for Blessings and Youth Missionary Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Zambia

The Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community FFWPU Zambia held a 7-Day preparation for Blessing and youth Missionaries Youth Workshop. The workshop took place at Cheonbo Heaven and Earth Africa Training Centre, Lusaka, Zambia from Sunday 30th August, 2020. There was a total number of 35 participants of mostly youths.

The aim of the workshop is to prepare participants to the blessing and for 21-Day Regional Workshop and to become youth missionaries.

During the Workshop, Divine Principle, Blessing, True Parents life course and, sport activities, etc.

The general feeling of the workshop was positive. Majority of the participants were very curious to learn more and made a pledge to come for the next 21-day Regional workshop.

Their testimonies were also a positive sign that they really got something which can play a positive part in their lives as youth. Below are some testimonies of participants:

MEMORY CHIRWA: I am so delighted being part of these workshop so as to explore my understanding of God the Creator and Maker of all human kind what I learnt today on the introduction of the Divine principle is about Human contradiction and the fall were we have the original mind which thinks of only goodness and brings happiness and evil mind which only thinks of wickedness and brings misfortune. And results to self-contradiction that’s the state of destruction and the fall.

MWEEMBA PASS: “My reflection lies on the human fall. This topic has touched me a lot. The human fall is the root cause of all suffering that Nations is undergoing.; Despair, intolerance, selfishness, and all sources of troubles, therefore there is a great need to restore world (people) to their original state. I’m challenged that the there is a need to restore spiritual capacity”.

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