Spain: A Round Table for the Reunification of Korean Peninsula

By Marcia de Abreu, UPF Spain

The Korean War broke out in June of 1950. Since then, 70 years have passed, 72 years since the Korean Peninsula was divided by the world powers of USSR and EUA along the 38th parallel.

In the year 2000, the Presidents of North and South Korea signed a Joint Treat between the two Koreas, giving hope to a process of peaceful reunification.

However, the status quo doesn’t show any deceleration of the tension in the Peninsula.

Many debates, conferences, round tables, projects have taken place with the intent to develop a vision for peace in the Peninsula.

Many think that the peaceful reunification/reconciliation of the North and South Koreas is like would be a precursor of the solutions to the many conflicts in the world.

To speak in this round table, under the title: “The Relations between North and South Korean: proposals to advance the process of a peaceful reunification”, we invited people whose ideas and proposals, given their passion to the topic and years of dedicated study, will contribute to understand better a possible reconciliation between the two North and the South Koreas.

Armando Lozano introduced UPF, explaining about the founders, Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s work for the reunification, the investment UC movement has done in the Peninsula and North Korea’s response so far, which has always been of respect and consideration towards the Founders.

The three guest speakers coincided that it’s a time in which civil society’s effort is very important, not only the political and economic initiatives. They insisted on the idea that trust must be developed, that we should look for smaller steps rather than a final, comprehensive treat. All sectors of society need to be touched to help North Korea open up and progress. They also emphasized the idea that South Korean people are tired and want to move on and think about other issues.

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  1. Unification is possible only if the leaders follow the instructions of Dr Hak Ja Han Moon.

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