Recital of the Seonghwa Commemorative Poem

During the main event of Seonghwa Festival Commemorating the 8th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, held on September 4, at Jeongshim Peace World Center, Wonju McDevitt, Chief of Staff, True Mother’s Secretariat recite a poem:

Father and Mother, You Gave Us Life and Raised Us

Father and Mother, you gave us life and raised us.

Without both parents, would we have survived?

How can we repay the boundless love of our God-like Parents?

Father, you carried on your shoulders the weight of Heaven’s call that you received at the age of 15 on Mt. Myodu,

and carried the Word, a new expression of the truth, to all corners of the world.

Although we had the name of being alive, we were as lifeless as mud.

Through your grace, Father, we were given rebirth.

As the only begotten Daughter, our Mother, you participated in the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, and True Parents emerged.

You embraced us and raised us with a love wider and deeper than the Pacific Ocean

How can we repay your grace, a grace greater than the rivers and the seas?

Father, you lived your entire life like an active volcano, pouring out words of truth stained with your blood,

and having emerged as the King of Kings that reached the high ground of the providence’s Golgotha,

You declared before Heaven and Earth, and all of humankind,

“I have accomplished everything! I have accomplished everything! I have accomplished everything!”

Father, you kept the fire alight throughout your life, right to the end.

Then you departed for the heavenly realms, along a path strewn with roses and lilies.

Father, we believed you would stay with us on earth for a century!

It is only after you left us that we felt the great chasm of emptiness that your absence created.

Looking back on days when our loyalty was lacking, we lamented in deep regret.

Today, we confess, we were like the mystical night birds

Trembling in the bitter, evening cold of the Himalayas,

Crying out from dusk till dawn that they would build a nest after the sun came up.

It is only after you ascended Father,

That we understood; we had become like these night birds,

Suffering in regret that we failed to fulfill our filial duties while you were here.

Dressed in a white mourning dress, Mother, you wept in silence,

“I am the only one left.”

“I will firmly establish Cheon Il Guk on earth before I depart this life.”

Mother, with no time to wholeheartedly mourn your beloved,

You carried the tablets of stone and arc of the covenant of Cheon Il Guk,

And bore the heavy cross of the providence on your back.

You lifted high Moses’ staff, the budding staff given by Aaron.

Wishing to realize the pledge you made before Father’s holy body,

You opened the era of heavenly nations and heavenly continents.

You traveled some 133,000 kilometers around the world

From Japan to Asia to Africa, from Europe to Latin America and back to the United States,

And completed the Cosmic Canaan Course for the Firm Establishment of Cheon Il Guk.

Mother, although you are approaching your 80th year, despite blisters on your lips and your difficulty with walking, you continue pushing yourself beyond the limits of human endurance,

climbing eight steep providential mountains.

You are the only begotten Daughter, the Mother of the Cosmos, the Mother of Peace; you never held back from the tasks in front of you.

After you completed, concluded, and perfected VISION 2020, which you had strongly proclaimed,

You gave us the magnificent tool that is your memoir, “Mother of Peace,”

To help realize the vision of North-South reunification and to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, and once again you stood on the front line of VISION 2027.

Yet when we saw you walking with your two grandchildren supporting you,

Our hearts sank and we, foolish children who had already lost True Father eight years ago, regretted that we have not done enough.

In order not to become those procrastinating night birds again,

And remembering the story of the cuckoo that bled on the wild azaleas after crying in longing throughout the night,

With the same desperate heart, such that our blood would spill, we shall resolve to stand up, holding high the heavenly torch Mother has given us—her Memoir.

At a steadfast pace, we shall enter the battlefield

And we will repay our True Parents’ grace with resplendent filial piety.

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  1. Thank you, Wonju, for your love and incredible attendance to our True Parents for many years. Thank you, for the beautiful poem and tribute to the life of True Parents.
    In this moment in history, that never will come again, may God bless you and may we bring success for the work of True Parents during our True Mothers lifetime to establish the Holy Community under God with at least one third of the world population.

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