Oceania: 2nd Generation Weekly Zoom Meetings

Prepared by FFWPU Oceania

Since late March, 2nd Generation all across Oceania has been actively partaking in a weekly meet up with the name Born Connected. With the idea of being born and staying connected with one another despite the distance and restrictions in place, the meetings are based on a monthly theme of spiritual content which may be delivered in a short talk, interview or hoondokhae.

Some themes which have been discussed are Stability, Connection, Freedom and Fulfillment. Overall the content is designed to find meaning, purpose and growth in a time when things can easily feel stagnant. Other parts of the meeting also include a team discussion to dive deeper into the content and a fun game which can be played online.

There are around 16-20 participants who regularly attend from Samoa, New Zealand and Australia, and though social distancing is in place, with these meetings, spiritual connections are continuing to grow.

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