Italy: A Gathering of WFWP and CARP for Peace

by Flora Grassivaro, WFWP Italy

Suddenly A Summer Afternoon

The important event organized by the WFWP Women’s Federation for World Peace – Padova in collaboration with CARP – Italy took place in the elegant setting of Villa Contarini Giovanelli Venier in Vo ’Vecchio (Padova). The initiative, which began in the afternoon of 6 September 2020, was designed to promote “Hope” after the lockdown period that hit Italy and Vo’ in particular. The collaboration between WFWP, CARP and the “Creativo’ Association”, which manages the Villa, has created a synergy capable of harmonizing the entire program and spreading friendship and participation.

The program began with the girls of the A.S.D Butterfly, who proposed an elegant performance of rhythmic gymnastics, and then continued with the beautiful music played by the SiO Orchestra with 35 elements including winds and violins. To intersperse the musical performances, the young people of CARP Nausika Celnikasi, Elena Chirulli and Nicolò Vaianella recited some thematic readings that met with great interest and appreciation.

At the end, the choreographies of the ASD Butterfly framed the staircase of the Villa and were a prelude to the ceremony for the awarding of the title of Ambassador of Peace in memory of Father Vendramino Zanardo (given to family members) who spent his life in Brazil helping people poorer and weaker. The second nomination went to Leonardo Baratto, founder and president of the ABC Association (Friends of the Children of Chernobyl) which for years has been helping children and young people in Ukraine with solidarity projects in collaboration with Italian families. The diplomas were awarded by Flora Grassivaro president of WFWP-Padua and Mariagrazia Viezzer WFWP referent for Vo’.

A toast to peace and rebirth sealed by the words of Angelo Chirulli who summarized how peace begins from people’s hearts and spreads in families and then spreads to society, concluded the WFWP event. The afternoon saw the presence of 150 people who showed their appreciation.

The program was presented by Elena Chirulli and the photo shoot was made by Aurora Fluckiger. Great team work WFWP and CARP. Thanks to all participants.

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