Czech Republic: HARP Summer camp 2020 – “Fitting in, yet standing out”

By Daniela Dvornická, HARP Czech Republic

The camp took place in Železná, which is the place where HARP started its summer activities twenty years ago, and this brought an interesting atmosphere to the camp.

This year we came up with a slightly different style of lectures, focusing on the real / practical application of the Principle in life, but also on the identity of the 2nd generation and things related to our community. The lectures followed one after another and thus created a great set of internal guidance that fits into our motto. This year we also had printed booklets in which the story of Jonathan Livingstone’s The Seagull was written, which almost perfectly followed the topics of the lectures. HARPies thus had the opportunity to see and better imagine the often abstract principles on “real” situations in the book. Every day after hoon dok hwe, we could hear an inspiration from the lives of individual team leaders.

The camp went very well overall. Our sports staff, consisting of Slovak brothers, mastered the “challenge day” and all other sports parts of the camp. The older second generation also joined the lecturers and was able to pass on to the younger their experiences and attitudes that they developed during adolescence in our community.

We also received presentation by our national leader Eva Pejkofski, CARP/YSP leader Vicky Masner as well as presentation about training programs that our movement offers, by those who went through it. One of the highlights of the workshop was presentation of East European regional director Jack Corley, who is currently staying in Czech due to worldwide COVID situation.

This camp was very successful and with its new concept it was very beneficial for everyone and helped many people to start thinking about their identity – how to fit into society, but at the same time stand out with their values, actions and set a good example for the whole world. Thank you to everyone who participated in the preparation and organization of the camp.

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