Czech Republic: 12th Summer camp – THE HOBBIT

By Marcela Gregůrková, Vedoucí Tábora, CARP Czech Republic

This year we held the twelfth summer camps for the children age 7 to 12. For the last eight years, the camps have been joined by both, Czech and Slovak children. We try to bring children closer to moral values and the heart of Heavenly Parent, in the form of games and stories. We try to help them find true friendship, resolve conflicts and experience the belonging in one big family.

This year the leaders were for the first time assistants from our second generation. Together, since one month before the camp they prepared a program of games for individual camp days, prepared a lot of props, invented many activities. They also participated in the administration and preparation of all camp agendas. During the camp, they helped in the kitchen, led groups, played and sang songs, cared for the children from morning till night, and even learned to keep the camp’s financial diary.

The “veterans”(parents 45+) were four parents present at the camp – they ran the camp, provided the content, content of stories and narratives for each camp day, created facilities for the young staff and helped technically in the preparation of camp games, provided health care.

The camp was attended by 21 children, 5 of whom were from the families of our friends and sympathizers. In the story of The Hobbit, we explained to the children how our ancestors work with us, how a true friendship is formed, how important it is to be able to make the right decision. The camp was a great experience for everyone involved and we look forward to continuing the hobbit.

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