Angola: 8th Anniversary of The Holy Ascension Of True Father

Prepared by FFWPU Angola

In order to celebrate the 8th anniversary of our beloved True Father and inherit the HyoJeong heart of our beloved True Parents, a condition of devotion began on September 1st to participate victoriously in the ceremony of the 8th anniversary of True Father.

The 3 churches were chosen to participate by the Breakout making 53 participants who devotedly offer an altar prepared with fruits, offered benefits to their beloved True Parents and a bouquet of flowers was offered at each center. Afterwards, the members listened carefully to the words of our beloved True Mother, seeking inspiration of to better work in these times of the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID 19).

After finishing the speech of True Mother, a sudden rain fell, as they say in Africa, rain is a blessing, so we consider ourselves blessed by the True Parents. The beautiful performances we attended and in the end, a prayer we made together.

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