Zimbabwe: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Zimbabwe

Thank you very much for your hard work and unwavering efforts towards the Firm Settlement of Cheon I’ll Guk towards Vision 2027.

On August 29, 2020 we held a 1-day One Day Workshop for 37 Couples at our Peace Embassy in Harare.

We are truly grateful to Our Heavenly Parent and Loving True Parents; in supporting our Loving True Mother in this forth coming 8th Anniversary of the Cosmic Ascension Ceremony of Sun Myung Moon, we had a one-day workshop of 43 Couples for the purpose of educating them. Among the 43 couples invited, 37 Couples could attend the workshop.

Rev Bosako who is the HTM Victor taught on True Parent’s Life Course to the couples to understand the life of our True Parents, the meaning of the blessing and introduction to the Divine Principle. The couples were so touched with the account of True Parents’ life and the blessing. They vowed to continue to learn more, and they want a seven day workshop for them to receive more education.

With the difficulties of Covid 19, we are taking measures in making sure that all participants are tested and wash their hands before they enter in the venue, as well as wearing their masks as a regulation that the government is monitoring to curb the spread of the virus.

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