Togo: Education Programs for Our Women

Prepared by WFWP Togo

On 31th July 2020, we have organized 2 evets: First in Moe Kope Village, we conducted conference on family values and woman responsibilities in the family. Liquid Soap and Masksare distributed most of our guests.  We had about 200 participants.

Second in Agbelouve, we also conducted the same conference for the people from two villages named Gavikope and Nyigbe. In this education program we spoke about family values, women responsibilities using the heart of love for peace in families. We had about 100 women participants.

WE are going to follow-up on our guests and educate them more and help them to be part of the WFWP in Togo as well. The next step is to help them with their registration and continue our education programs and later we will  bring them to blessing of marriage ceremony.

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