New Zealand: 1-Day Leadership Seminar

Prepared by UPF New Zealand

On August 1, 2020, about 25 peace loving people gathered today to explore a new vision of for Nation Building and Peace. UPF New Zealand organized 1 Day Leadership Seminar physically after about 3 months of lock down period. The ambassadors for peace, the friends, and family members attended and enjoyed with heart of reunion.

Three sessions were given before lunch: The life and teaching of Father Moon with his personal experience by Geoffrey Prentice, UPF advisor; the lecture of the spirit world & how it relates to life of earth by Geoffrey Fyers, UPF secretary general; the goal of human history by Adel Jamati, Director of Education.

After wonderful lunch prepared by our catering team, Kenji Watanabe, UPF Chair introduced the mission of Father Moon and Mother Moon as family building – nation building and world peace.  Mr. Elliot Ikilei, Deputy Leader of New Conservative Party that try to reflect pro-family policy on the politics shared his reflections on the presentations and appreciated the effort of the UPF as it supports pro-family policies. 

Despite of the extension of the schedule about one hour, many people remained until the end of the program and promised to come to next occasion.

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