2021 Recruitment of the 9th class cadets of SunHak UP Graduate University

May our Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ blessings and love be with all regions and leaders in the mission fields. We hereby announce the recruitment of the 9th class of UPA cadets at SunHak Universal Peace Graduate University, which has been established by True Parents as the educational institution to raise future leaders of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community.

Click here to see the information in our website: https://eng.sunhakup.ac.kr/

A. Qualification for application

  • Member of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community with a model life of faith, good physical health, a clear understanding of the providence and a minimum of three years of training in life of faith
  • Graduation from a 4-year university, or having earned a degree of equal or higher status
  • Those with leadership traits and will to pursue the public life
  • Those with neat personal demeanor, without physical or mental handicaps which would hinder the pursuit of the course

※Those applying for the graduate school course must be certified in TOPIK 3 or above.

B. Benefits upon enrollment

  • Ceremony of appointment directed by True Parents as Cheon Il Guk Special Youth Envoy upon participation in all required programs
  • True Parents’ special scholarship (tuition, dormitory fee, basic educational fees) provided upon agreement to fulfill the 2-year master’s course and 1-year internship
  • Differentiated education in faith, spirituality, truth, administration of general affairs, liberal arts and language (Korean, English)
  • Participation in seasonal overseas programs (holy ground pilgrimage, witnessing and cultural experience during summer and winter vacation period)

C. Admission process for the 9th class of UPA cadets

  • 1. Recruiting courses
    • 1) Graduate school cadet course (True Parents theology, Peace NGO studies)
    • 2) Language school pre-cadet course (TOPIK test preparation)

D. Admission schedule

  • Region  Application Period           Interview (Selection camp)              Announcement of results
  • International      2020.09.01(Tue)~09.30(Wed)               2020.10.07(Wed)~10.09(Fri)               2020.10.16(Fri)
  • G-Korea               2020.10.05(Mon)~10.18(Sun)               2020.10.31(Sat)~11.1(Sun)               2020.11.30(Mon)
  • G-Japan Interview organized in cooperation with FFWPU HQ Japan
  1. Entrance exam: Interview, Divine Principle test, English test, physical test* (*Physical test is omitted for those participating in online interview)
  2. Download application documents and admission handbook: https://eng.sunhakup.ac.kr/bbs/content.php?co_id=eng_02_admission02

E. Important notes for freshmen

  • Those receiving the notice of enrollment can start the visa application process
  • All UPA freshmen entering Korea from abroad this year are eligible to have basic expenses covered by school during a possible mandatory quarantine upon arrival (i.e. COVID-19 test, meals and accommodation).
  • 7-day workshop for freshmen: Scheduled on February 22(Mon.)~28(Sun.), 2021

* The schedule for the workshop might change according to the circumstances.

F. Contact

  • T E L:+82-31-589-1584 (Yoshika Sakamaki)
  • F A X : +82-31-589-1680
  • E-MAIL: sunhak-up@daum.net
  • Website: https://eng.sunhakup.ac.kr/
  • ADDRESS: SunHak Universal Peace Graduate University, 324-211 Misari-ro, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do [12461], Rep. of Korea

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