Zambia: 2020 Heavenly Africa Hyojeong Cheonbo Online Special Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Zambia

On July 11, HJ Cheonbo Heaven and Earth Training Center African Branch conducted a one-day online workshop in Lusaka.  The workshop attracted more than 300 members from 12 countries.

Rev. Bakary Kamara, chairman of Heavenly Africa, pointed out how tremendous a grace True Mother has bestowed on us by allowing the liberation and blessing of ancestors to be conducted online amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. He called all blessed families to repay True Parents by fulfilling their heavenly tribal messiah mission.

Despite the difficulties everyone faced due to the ongoing pandemic, many participants were able to communicate with their ancestors while some experienced the spiritual world. After the Blessing of ancestors, Betty Banda sang the song, “You Raise Me Up,” bringing the good atmosphere to a peak and finally, to a wonderful closing.


Yuka Mwanza, 30,000-Couple Blessing Group: My sister (blessed member) went to the spiritual world in May because of pancreatic cancer. The moment I entered the training center, I sensed she was with me and I just couldn’t stop shedding tears upon that realization. I asked my sister to remove as many evil spirits as possible away from me. I thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents for giving us this tremendous grace of being able to participate in the HJ Cheonbo workshop online. I will continue to work on removing my fallen nature so as to resemble Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

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