Vanuatu: Donate Books to the Library

Prepared by WFWP Australia

The education of children and youth has always been in the hearts of WFWP Australia ladies. Vanuatu is a multilingual country. There are schools teaching in English, French and Bislama. WFWP Australia has sent school books for more than 15 years to different schools including French language schools. The Internet in the Pacific island nations is not very good and on outer islands non-existing.The schools still need books as strong Internet is only possible in Capital cities and is very expensive.

WFWP Australia this year found out that the capital city Port Vila library was almost empty from books.  Earlier last year Youth and Student of Peace and Universal Peace Federation got a huge private donation of library books.

The Public library of Port Vila was very happy to hear they could receive 10,000 library books. With kind support and cooperation of the YSP, UPF and WFWP the books were sent to Port Vila.

Travel there took a long time because of COVID-19 and even the books had to be sprayed and wait 2 weeks to clear customs. The books have arrived and now it will take a long time to put the books on the shelves. Local youth have volunteered to help to organize a new look in the library.

Thank you for all that helped and donated books and money for WFWP once again being able to support education of children and youth in Vanuatu.

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