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Heartwarming reviews have been pouring in about the recently published memoir by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, Mother of Peace: And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears From Their Eyes. In the book, Dr. Moon recounts her personal life experiences, including her journey of growing up in war-torn North Korea and her unshakable faith in God, to eventually building an international peace movement while becoming affectionately known to millions of people around the world as True Mother and the Mother of Peace. She gives a deeply moving, unbridled look at the trials and triumphs along the way.

Having quickly sold out, eager readers now have the opportunity to purchase the book on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Here’s a glimpse of how her never-before-told story has touched many lives:

“I read Dr. Moon’s memoir in less than three days after receiving it, and I must say that it inspired me. She lives a life for the sake of others, has undergone hardships that no one has weathered, and has the strength to carry God’s burden as her own. Despite the current global pandemic, Dr. Moon has given me hope that we will get through this and bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth to fruition. I am sincerely grateful for the love and grace that she has given and pray for her good health.”

“Mother of Peace is a powerful story of overcoming obstacles with faith and determination. While so many in the world see themselves as victims and blame others for their circumstances, Dr. Moon shows how to take responsibility and be victorious. From sharing her beginnings in war-torn North Korea, being raised by her mother and grandmother with deep faith, to becoming the head of a worldwide movement for peace, this is an inspirational story of hope and peace which will give many people the strength to rise above their circumstances.”

“Dr. Moon has so much remarkable faith and determination to do God’s Will. You don’t find many saints in today’s world. Dr. Moon is one!”

“I was so inspired reading Mother of Peace. Mother Moon developed a strong faith in God as a young child—‘God is my father’—and that closeness has guided her through a course of hills and valleys that continues to this day. The word ‘sacrifice’ is mentioned throughout the book. I found that profound because faith by itself is belief within the mind, but sacrifice is putting that faith into practice daily by one’s actions. Mother Moon has provided a model for self-reflection of my own faith and sacrifice to do God’s Will. Thank you for this heartfelt memoir and its timely lessons for me and others, especially at this turbulent time in human history.”

“Dr. Moon lays out a proven plan for peace that is not dependent on national, religious, or political affiliation. Her path was a painful one, surviving as a child refugee in war-ravaged Korea, enduring the loss of four children and experiencing racism, criticism, and religious persecution. Yet her center is always God and sharing the experience of God’s love for all people.”

“Dr. Moon grew up being told by her grandmother that God was her real father. She felt so confident of that so throughout her life she has been eager to help all of humanity understand and feel that we are each God’s beloved child. Just as Jesus insisted to his unconvinced disciples that they were God’s temple, Dr. Moon calls upon today’s humanity to learn what it means to be both God’s temple and God’s child. Through the accounts of her life that she shares in her book, Dr. Moon shows the impact that such an understanding can have on how we live our lives.”

“There is much to be learned from the life of Mother Moon. When her beloved husband Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon ascended in 2012, she promised to continue his legacy of peacebuilding. Reading this book challenges us to reflect more on the meaning of living up to one’s word.”

“Mother of Peace will change your life. The story of Dr. Moon and her journey toward creating a world of peace is what we need at this time in order to bring peace, comfort, and healing to all. I absolutely recommend reading it.”

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