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Peace Road 2020: Reconciling All People is going on a road trip. A van of young Unificationists will tour the country, bringing healing and reconciliation to America. The four-week tour, kicking off virtually on July 28 and ending August 21, aims to stem the conflict and suffering happening in the U.S. A new fundraiser on GoFundMe, initiated by Unificationist Larry Moffitt, will help cover gas, food, and lodging.

“Together, America can begin a new era of peace and hope,” said Moffitt. “This summer many faith leaders are visiting the historic sites in America where suffering and injustice have occurred. We will join hands, offer our repentance, and offer our determination to end this sad era and begin a new era, reconciling the human family in love and faith.”

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The national tour will begin at Point Comfort near Jamestown, Virginia, where the first black slaves were brought to America in 1619, while another tour will start concurrently in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the Pilgrims landed in 1620. Peace Road will span many states, ending in Alaska. “These were the first people to arrive in America 400 years ago; one group was in search of religious freedom, the other was in chains,” said Moffitt.

The Peace Road fundraiser has quickly gained momentum and support with more than $8,000 raised of the $20,000 goal. “We want people of all races and faith backgrounds to understand America’s history, including the good and bad,” said Moffitt. “The goal is to seek God’s wisdom and loving guidance so that the current situation of pain and injustice can be addressed by all Americans as brothers and sisters.”

Peace Road, an international movement started in 2015 by Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, has successfully brought together people of diverse backgrounds seeking peace and unity. Similarly, Dr. Moon launched Peace Starts With Me in 2017, a peace movement promoting reconciliation within ourselves and with others.

“There are so many things that America went through to get where we are today and we want our younger generations to connect with elders to discuss the future of America,” said Peace Road National Coordinator Rev. Miilhan Stephens. “Peace Road is a very hopeful message and a very meaningful journey, it’s not just symbolic. We are bringing together public officials and faith leaders to promote peace during a time where this is essential.”

The Peace Road teams will visit the slave markets of South Carolina, the Trail of Tears, and the Underground Railroad, to name a few historic sites. “We will be praying at Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, and Black Wall Street, a town that was burned to the ground in Tulsa, among many other places,” said Moffitt.

The tour will also stop at sites that honor individuals who overcame injustice and tragedy through love and sacrifice, including people like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Black Kettle, Chief Joseph, the Freedom Riders, war veterans, and many more who gave everything for America.

Historic churches and places that represent the hope and promise of America are on the itinerary as well. “Let’s end the violence and hate,” said Moffitt. “The only way is through God’s love.”

You can support the Peace Road 2020 tour on GoFundMe, and follow the team’s journey on

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