Philippines: YSP Meetings

Prepared by YSP Philippines

On July 7, 2020 IAYSP – Filipinas together with the Philippine Youth Affiliate Organizations (HJ Youth Leadership Training-International, World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles, National Blessed Children Committee, World Tong Il Moo Do Federation, Sun Hwa International Academy, National Leadership Training Program and International Peace Leadership College) organized the 2nd Series of the Leaders’ Connect Webinar with the theme, “True Love in the Midst of Pandemic,” last July 7, 2020 via ZOOM and Facebook LIVE.

The Online Event had reached 5, 223 people with 1,500 views and around 135 actual participants on Facebook LIVE. The speakers and panelists shared insights and initiatives on the kinds of programs they’ve been doing during quarantine period despite the fact that mass gatherings is strictly prohibited.

One main goal of the online program is to share the different youth organizations’ initiatives and activities in the Philippines during the Lockdown period, and to show how much impact the youth can still do through practicing the principle of living for the sake of others —— which is inclined to the topic of the event “True Love in the Midst of Pandemic.”

On July 17, 2020 IAYSP- Filipinas organized another series of the Leaders’ Connect Webinar with the theme, “Pure Love Education: True Love is Healthy,” last July 14, 2020 via ZOOM, FaceBook and YouTube LIVE!

The online program reached around 7,339 people, with 2,200 views on FaceBook, 297 views on YouTube and 150 actual participants on LIVE. There is a very good interaction between participants and the speakers during question and answer portion. Also the speakers and panelists delivered a very good presentation about Pure Love Education, their insights and courage in facing the higher rate of teenage pregnancy and HIV-AIDS in the Philippines.

The goal of the online program is to raise awareness and educate the youth and students in the Philippines to fight against teenage pregnancy and HIV-AIDS through practicing the ideals and teachings of Pure Love Education which is centered on shaping the character of youth and students including self-discipline and abstinence.

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