Latin America: 21-day Online Workshop for Matching Supporters & Matching Supporters Convocation

Prepared by FFWPU latin America

On July 1-21, the Blessed Family Department (BFD) of Latin America held an online 21-day workshop for the education and training of BFD Leaders and Matching Supporters in regards to the Matching and Blessing Process.  There were around 150 participants including some National Leaders and local pastors.

The Latin America Continental Director, Rev. Sang Suek Kim, gave opening remarks in which he shared True Mother’s precious words about the Heavenly Parents Holy Community.

The participants were so amazed by the quality of the contents of the lectures presented by well-prepared national and international lecturers.  They were so grateful for lectures given by BFD Directors of Asia, Europe, USA, Japan and Africa in addition to lectures by staff from the BFD International Headquarters, who explained the international standard and administration for Blessed Families.

The leaders of each Latin American subregion, including Koichi Sasaki from subregion 1, Rev. Jung Moon Lee from sub-region 3, Rev. Dae Hee Hong from sub-region 4  and Rev. Leonidas Belliard from sub-region 5, gave special messages during the closing ceremony, expressing their gratitude to all the leaders who participated in the workshop.

God inspired this 21-day workshop in order to internally prepare Matching Supporters for the online Matching Supporters Convocation and Matching Suggestions for 1st generation candidates which was held on July 25-26. Not only leaders from Latin America but also BFD leaders and Matching Supporters from Asia, Europe and USA introduced their candidates’ profiles via an online virtual display.

On the first day of the Matching Supporters Convocation, Rev. Sang Suek Kim gave a special message in which he emphasized the education and preparation of candidates for matching and Blessing in the year 2021. He thanked parents and leaders for their continued devotion.

On the second day of the convocation, Mr. Sasaki gave his heartfelt thanks in recognition of the collaboration by BFD leaders and Matching Supporters from Asia, Europe and USA who joined the Latin America Matching Supporters Convocation.

There were around one hundred BFD leaders and Matching Supporters who participated. Some of them presented candidates for possible matchings. Around 131 1st generation candidates’ profiles were introduced during the convocation, of whom 45 were men and 86 were women. There were some candidates from each region.

In Latin America, the 1st generation candidates who were approved to be included in the online virtual display of candidates each completed a qualification process that included: an interview, fasting conditions, a Blessing Preparation Seminar, registering on the matching website, and submitting of documents and requirements to their local and national BFD.

We are so grateful to Heaven that, despite the tragedy of COVID-19, we received great blessings allowing us to utilize the internet to greatly advance our work at BFD, not only in Latin America but also throughout the world, Aju!


The participants of the 21-day Online Workshop for BFD Leaders and Matching Supporters were so moved by the Blessing Testimonies and Lectures of the BFD Directors of USA (Yun-A Johnson) and Europe (Orlande Schenk) as they are both 2nd generation blessed sisters leading the Blessed Family Departments of the two important continents. Some leaders shed tears of joy seeing their examples and they are giving so much hope for the 2nd generation blessed couples of Latin America who are training to be Matching Supporters.

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