HJ Global News (July 11, 2020)

Prepared by Peace TV

This week we cover:

1. Advancement and Hope Toward the Firm Establishment of a God-Centered, United World in 2027 !

2. True Parents

  • Special Luncheon with True Parents / Han Won House Beam-Lifting Ceremony

2. World News

  • Peace Activities (Cameroon UPF – Conference for Strengthening Multilateralism and Interparliamentary Cooperation / Republic of the Congo UPF – Seminar for Ambassadors for Peace / Republic of Congo WFWP – Covid 19 Civil Disaster Support Activity / Malaysia UPF – “Circle of Light” Covid-19 Humanitarian Aid / Oceania UPF – Webinar on Combating the Covid-19 Crisis / Thursday Interfaith Prayer Meeting for World Peace and a Heavenly Unified Korea)
  • Youth Activities (IAYSP-Central Africa – Youth and Students Video Conference for a Heavenly Unified World)
  • Major Events (Workshop under True Mother’ Guidance for Cheon Il Guk Special World Itinerant Workers (IWs) / Heavenly Korea WFWP – Celebration of the Launching of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s Memoir, Mother of Peace / Asia Pacific Region – 10th Parents’ Matching Event / Cote d’Ivoire: Distribution of the True Mother’s Gift to Families in Africa)

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