Dominican Republic: HJ Cheonbo Seminar Report

By Esther Gomez Yamaguchi, FFWPU Dominican Republic

On July 26th, 2020 a HJ CheonBo Special half-day virtual Workshop was held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The event was presided by the President of the Heavenly Latin America Subsidiary of the Hyojeong CheonBo Heaven and Earth Training Center, Rev. Seong Nam Kim, followed by the support of the educator from the Heavenly Latin America Subsidiary of the Hyojeong CheonBo Training Center Heaven and Earth, Mr. David Pereyra, and the Regional Director of Heavenly Latin America Sub-region 5, Rev. Leonidas Belliard.

This Online Workshop is one of the first events of this nature to be hosted in the Celestial Latin American Region. It was held simultaneously with other Latin American countries and was the first one held in the Caribbean during the Covid-19 Pandemic, which resulted in having to limit the number of in-person participation to only a few Dominican Blessed Families.

The event lasted for a total of three hours. The Program consisted of the Opening Ceremony, a chanyang yeopsa session for the Ancestor’s Liberations Ceremony and the Ancestor’s Holy Blessing Ceremony.

At 9:00AM, the Opening ceremony began with a video exclusively recorded by Rev. Seong Nam Kim, Rev. Sang Suek Kim and Rev. Leonidas Belliard. During the virtual opening ceremony Rev. Leonidas gave encouraging welcoming words to all members and congratulated the ancestors who were able to inherit the merit of the era of being able to be liberated and blessed. This was followed by Rev. Sang Suek Kim who spoke about how we have to develop a heart of gratitude and repentance for participating in this tremendously precious event; he emphasized that it is one of the greatest events in history, and that we must unite ourselves with God and the TPs. Similarly, the sentiment was followed by Rev. Seong Nam Kim, who emphasized the importance of the sacred path of HTM to revive people, as well as how the True Mother has prepared the chenbowon with sincere devotion so we can have the hall of eternal victory of HTM and therefore, Blessed families can become an eternal pride for their descendants. He also expressed that through the HJ Cheonbo Workshops we can be guided to fulfill the will of the Heavenly Parents.

 Subsequently, the program continued with the Ancestors’ Liberation Ceremony. We held the Chanyang Session, with the help of  the video recorded from the Hyojeong CheonBo training center of heaven and earth, we could feel the energy and vigor of the HJ CheonBo branch staff as well as in the participants, who were equally energized and dedicated, as they strongly clapped and sang with joy, and prayed with fervor for the liberation of their ancestors.

After a 30 minute break, we had the Ancestors’ Holy Blessing Ceremony which was guided by the video where Rev. Lee Gi Seong’s officiating couple led the ceremony, Mr. & Ms. Kono’s officiating couple here helped carry out the Holy Wine Ceremony, one couple made the Flower Offering to True Parents, and three couples participated as representative couples.

The event was resumed with the video of the Ancestors’ Holy Blessing Ceremony. It began with President Gi-seong Lee’s speech expressing the importance of this day, a long-awaited day where the doors have been opened for the Ancestors to receive the Blessing and to live in the grace of True Parents and understand their value. He asked that we pray that our ancestors may advance and support the Blessed Families to fulfill God’s providence, and that we may we live so that we can receive the blessings and merits of this new age. He then proclaimed that today’s ceremony was to be successful.

The last part consisted of a series of solemn ceremonies, such as the Holy Wine Ceremony, the Holy Water Ceremony, the reciting of the Holy Blessing Bows, the Blessing prayer, the Wedding Ring Exchange, the Proclamation of the Holy Marriage Blessing, Congratulatory Song, Floral Offering and the Cake Cutting Ceremony. The Blessing Ceremony ended with three joyous cheers of Eok Mansei, an official Closing Proclamation and the closing photo.

In conclusion, despite the current global situation, the members seemed very joyful and grateful to have been part of such an important event. It is safe to say that this HJ CheonBo Special Event has closely united us with our ancestors through their Liberation and Blessing. Let’s hope that with them we may now strive toward one common goal, which is the restoration of the Dominican Republic and turning Sub-Region 5 into a Heavenly region, so that we can finally bring joy to God’s Heart.


Mrs. Jacinta Gonzales (2006 blessing group): I thank God and True Parents! I feel increasingly grateful to Ms. Deamonim, because that was my wish to be able to liberate my ancestors from my country since it is an unforgettable experience. It is amazing how God struggles every day for us to return to him, with a regret heart for our mistakes and for the mistakes of our ancestors. Thank you, God, for guiding my ancestors every day. Thank you, Heavenly Mother Father. Thank you, True parents.

Mrs. Olga Chambilla de Sisa (360,000 couples):  On behalf of my family Sisa Chambilla, we are grateful for this Liberation and Blessing ceremony, it was an act that we expected and sincerely received. Personally, I felt very good and it inspires me to continue participating and to continue with the liberation of my ancestors.  Thanks to the organizers and especially to our True Parents!

Carlos Alfredo Hernandez Perez, President of CARP: This was my first Cheonbo Worshop, I really liked it because I learned the importance of Liberating and Blessing our ancestors, I also learned how the liberation of the ancestors is carried out. Through this workshop I acquired the determination to release and bless all my ancestors. I am also determined to restore as many people as I can in the physical world. Together with my family, I want to bring victory to God and True Parents and have a better attitude before God to all my Brothers and Sisters.

Miss Rebeca Ramos Silva, Second gen:  I am very happy for this wonderful grace from heaven, grateful to God and True Parents for being able to liberate and bless each one of my ancestors and for being able to represent them in this new opportunity here in the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, waiting for each One of them can come to the preparation seminar with great enthusiasm and dedication. I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity and I wish that each of my ancestors can be gratified by this great blessing.

Mrs. Rosamerie Solomo (1997 blessing group): The seminar was wonderful. I had pain since before last night and when the time for the ceremony came, I felt more pain, to the point that I had to grab my breast to support the pain and massage myself. After finishing the ceremony, I would fall asleep because the last night I didn’t sleep well, and I had decided not to sleep until the time of the ceremony. So, when I woke up in the afternoon around 3:00 in the afternoon I felt so light and the pain was gone. Well I think my ancestors helped me calm this pain. So far, I don’t feel the pain it just itches. Thanks to the organizers and to our True Parents!

Mr. Tony Garcia (30,000 couples):  On this special day we had the ancestor liberation ceremony, I had not been able to liberate my ancestors at any level, but today I managed to liberate at least one line was the little I could do. But I feel happy and grateful to our leaders for that fact, all night I could hardly sleep dreaming of people congratulating and thanking me and some even asking me for work, they are people I do not know but somehow, I feel a certain dearness.

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