Central Africa: 3rd sub-regional Assembly of IAYSP

Prepared by IAYSP Central Africa

After having organized two sub-regional assemblies in November 2018 in Pointe-Noire and in January 2020 in Brazzaville, on Sunday June 28, 2020, we held an online assembly of IAYSP Central Africa with the theme: “Guiding Future Generations to A Celestial World Unified for The Firm Establishment of Cheon Il Guk in 2027”

16 IAYSP leaders, including the Ambassador of Cheon Il Guk and Regional President of IAYSP Africa, His Excellency Philbert SEKA SEKA, the Sub-Regional President Mr Achille Mouanda and his Secretary General Mr Alpha Kingo as well as Presidents and Secretaries General of the 7 countries of the sub-region 3 participated.

The purpose of the Assembly was to offer the report of the two years of mission (from 06/14/2018 to 06/14/2020), which was presented by the sub-regional President of IAYSP Central Africa and evaluated by the Regional President. Each chapter had about 5 minutes to share the experience of these 2 years of mission. Then His Excellency Philbert SEKA SEKA gave the last word by praising and encouraging the efforts of the different chapters and by recalling the importance of the IAYSP programs (Character Education, Peace Design, Service Project, …) and the best way to set them up. He then proclaimed the victory of these two years of missions and declared the continuity of the mission for each leader.

In addition, the Sub-regional President presented the action plan from 2020 to 2027. The Assembly ended with a prayer. And each chapter returned with a new determination to carry out the resolutions prepared by each nation.

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