Cameroon: YSP Online Meeting

Prepared by YSP Cameroon

On June 15 we held an online meeting for the youth. Cindy Agwo started with the opening prayer. Among the participants we had, Laurenzo Enah a graduate of philosophy of the University of Yaounde 1, Boky Nekar from Liberia, Atoh Romano YWCA Yaounde and Nichelle Campos De Araujo from Brazil.

For the four Cultures Of Heart chapter 3, we had a lecture with the title of “Goodness Creates Peace”. The lecturer emphasized on setting the priorities straight by putting the public objective 1st against the private ones which seem to be dominating human society today. This can be achieve by feeding the mind in the public position the right nutriments for its growth (read Holy Scriptures, not watching pornographic movies, through fasting and prayers. By doing this we clean our mind from debris. Therefore, a clean mind breeds a peaceful being. The lecture ended with an activity to be done at home and deliberated on next session.

There will be a 1million youth rally to commemorate the international of youths organized by IAYSP Africa. Next week we will begin peace designers’ lectures.


I am very happy to be part of this organizational program and we will try to prepare at our level the upcoming online youth rally of 1million youths in Africa. – Wong from Kenya

I am very happy to be part of this educational program organized in Cameroon. Am very happy for all the efforts that members of IAYSP Africa are putting in place for the national restoration. Each time I am chance I will always join your educational program and try support in any way I can. – Nichelly Campos

It was a wonderful session. I liked it and i think it is really to encourage youths to learn in our spiritual and daily activities. – Boky Nekar

At the end, the president of YSP Cameroon, thanked all the participants for attending the meeting and encouraged everyone to continue their training. And to end the meeting Nichelly Campos da Araujo did the closing prayer.

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