Cameroon: Mini Conference On The Restoration Of Families

Prepared by FFWPU Cameroon

On July 7th 2020, FFWPU held a conference at the residence of the NKAMANYI family situated in LOUM. There were over 22 participants in attendance among whom were the Divisional Officer of TOMBEL, Commissioner of Special Branch Police, 2 magistrates from the C. F a registrar of Court, a pastor of Presbyterian Church in Cameroon,  a vice-principal of Government High school and proprietor of a secondary school, Teachers, Health care personnel and others…the main speaker was Rev. Innocent FONGOH (UPF Secretary General) and the MC magistrate Mrs Rose NKAMANYI (President of the Court  of First Instance Tombel and member of UPF staff Cameroon). The conference started at 2:30 p.m. with the welcome address from the MC followed by the main presentation from Rev. Innocent FONGOH and ended at 4.00pm.

The audience was very touched and overwhelmed as the participants followed the lectures from the beginning to the end. Some words of appreciation were given.

The Division Officer expressed his gratitude saying that: ‘This event is an opportunity for me to understand hidden truths and more especially the root of all our misfortune. Through this lecture I have received some education and I think by doing so we can create more awareness and therefore bring lasting solutions to all humanity’s problems. Good citizens can be built up from this teaching.’

The Pastor: “This lecture has touched the core of the truth, nobody can say no to this teaching, as the lectures were going on, I kept meditating and the spirit kept on telling me it’s the truth. So I would like to know more, understand and work together with you.”

For the Vice-principal: “I am so grateful attending such a conference well elaborated and lectured. I regret for my wife not being  present to listen to such a truth. I would like this program presented both in the Government High school and in my secondary school (teachers, students and parents all present). Such a teaching can help built up good citizens.”

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