Cameroon: International Day of Parliamentarism

Prepared by UPF Cameroon

On the occasion of the celebration of the UN International Day Of Parliamentarism on June 30th 2020, IAPP Cameroon chapter held a conference at Tripartite hall of Yaounde Conference Center. There were over 188 participants in attendance among which, the vice speaker of the House of assembly, the  vice president of the senate, the executive president of IAPP Cameroon, at least 124 Parliamentarians, Senators, University lecturers, journalists, and others.

The panel was composed of 2 university professors, 1 religious leader, the secretary General of UPF Cameroon and 4 executives of UPF Cameroon. The conference started at 11:30 a.m. with the welcome address from Hon. EMABOT BRIGITTE (Executive president of IAPP Cameroon) followed by a speech from Hon. Dr. AWUDU Mbaya Cyprian former president of IAPP Cameroon.

The event took place in two parts. The first part consisted of the appointed of 12 M.Ps were Ambassadors for Peace including the Speaker of the House. The MC (a journalist of C.R.T.V) read the 5 principles of peace and also the content of the certificate. The first AFP certificate was presented by the Executive President of UPF Cameroon, Rev. Edwin Plekhanov accompanied by Hon. Dr. AWUDU Mbaya Cyprian, to the vice speaker of the house on behalf of the speaker. The other MPs received their certificates from the vice speaker of the house who was representing the speaker. After the award of certificates, vice speaker of the house read a speech which concluded with words of appreciations, gratitude and congratulations to the newly appointed A.F.P. The panel receded to the lobby and group photos were taken to mark the event and a coffee break ended the first part of the event.

The second session started with presentations from the main speakers in the panel. First was a university Professor who spoke about multilateralism. The second presentation was given by an Imam who spoke on the Role of religious authorities in promoting peace. In his speech.

Next was U.P.F address which was given by the Sec. Gen. of UPF Cameroon centred on conflict resolutions. The audience was overwhelmed by his presentation as he called upon MPs to exercise humility and become role models in their respective constituencies while being able to embrace their adversaries using the universal principles of peace.

After the different interventions, the session continued with a question and answer session. Questions were asked by the MPs to the panelists and satisfactory answers were given.

Lastly, words of appreciation were given by some M.Ps and the closing remark was made by Hon. EMABOT BRIGITTE (President of I.A.P.P. Cameroon). The event ended at 4:30pm.

The Participants were unanimous with the fact that egoism, selfishness and ignorance lie at the centre of conflict, instability and poverty in the nation and the world. One lecturer from the institute of Peace building proposed to train more people on Peace values and conflict resolution; the religious lecturer even went further to propose an Inter-religious council in Cameroon and he mentioned that if a conflict is difficult to solve, we should appeal for God’s help. As the event went on, we realized that people freely talk about God in the Cameroon parliament compared to previous times.

Around 40 parliaments registered to become members of IAPP.

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