Bolivia: Peace Starts with Me

Prepared by UPF Bolivia

Thanks to the love and efforts of True Mother, in Bolivia, Sub-Region 3, despite the pandemic, a strong network of Ambassadors of Peace and members of the AIPP is being created, who remain united, active, participative, expressive and they make a big difference in our country.

Through the ZOOM platform, an inaugural session of dialogue and harmony was held, “Peace Begins with Me”. This previous event was held in preparation for the Rally of Hope on August 9, 1 million people, in all parts of the world, who It will be done together with Our True Mother.

As main panellist, Dr. Simons Feraboli Secretary General UPF South America, provided a clear explanation about the mission of responsibility of the Ambassadors of Peace, which eradicates between interdependence, mutual prosperity,  and shared universal values, which stem from the universal principle of living for the good of others.

Understanding that when our founders, Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon, established these principles, they did so as the starting point for social change and for the world.

UPF seeks to discuss, propose solutions and best practices that will make us move forward as a human family, to achieve this partnership, we need to tear down the walls of our hearts and, even remove barriers between nations, this is the mission of the Ambassadors of Peace.

10 members of Parliament, Deputies, Congressmen, Representatives of the Youth Directorate of the Santa Cruz Governorate, Private Entrepreneurs, members of the AIPP, National University Professors and UPF members participated, making a total of more than 100 attendees, who were very excited by the clear explanation, and a feeling of empathy and solidarity emerged, to put into practice the founders’ model.


Raul Rocha Ayala, National Deputy Of Bolivia, Government, Defense and Armed Forces Commission: From Oruro to 3700 above sea level, greetings to all present, especially exhibitors, for sharing knowledge, experiences, experience, it is very good, it is part of the principle of the human being, including understanding why he came to world. For some time now, human beings have lost the horizon, I feel very sorry for what is happening around the world, due to the effect that this COVID 19 virus pandemic is causing.

It seems that science is being used to destroy the human being, instead of being used for the common good, to live together.

I, from my little experience, tell you that I had the opportunity to see all the genocides, deaths that occur in relation to the population explosion in the world, at that level we are not aware,  the countries are blind, and I dare say we are deaf, dumb, it is the same human that gives rise to this, and we do not feel responsible, but we have not seriously reflected on it.

I believe that this time God sent us to reflect, to make that, in the family together with all the members or components, there is forgiveness, understanding, coexistence and solidarity .

I am very moved by all the things that are happening, I believe that with the help of God and the guidance of True Mother Moon, through UPF we will get out of these problems, thank you very much for allowing me to be part of UPF and to participate Actively as Ambassador of Peace and member of the AIPP, as a Parliamentarian, I feel very committed to the principles and the mission that were entrusted to us. Thank you so much !

Edgar Rendon, National Deputy, Committee on the Environment, Climate Change, Protected Areas and Natural Resources: Very good afternoon from Tarija, grateful for the invitation to participate in this important event, it is gratifying, it is hopeful, to participate and listen to the exhibitors, the great illustrations they gave us of the principles, around the defense of peace, cultivating peace, and to begin to reflect that peace is constituted as a central axis in the will of the people, in thought and obviously in the family, that is fundamental.

Because without having the full conviction that from our own conduct, our center that is the family, we are going to start working for Peace, to cultivate ethical moral values, it is difficult for us to transcend that to our society, to our groups, our institutions and our collective in general.

For this reason, I consider the participation of the speakers to be important, they were illustrative, eloquent, pleasant and gratifying, and to thank again for this invitation and to commit myself to be, permanently participating,  because I think it is important that we work and take advantage of the technological means that exist today, until again in the future God wants us to come closer, we can again share and meet again directly, thank you very much.

Yesenia Yarhui, National Deputy, Plural Justice Commission, Public Ministry and Legal Defense of the State: Thank you very much for the privilege of allowing me to say a few words, the exhibitions that each of the speakers have given is undoubtedly important, and this fills us with great emotion and strength to continue this work for peace.

This work that not only involves the leaders of the regions, but also society in general, and even more so to the young, a commitment that we must take into account based on the education of character, and of ethical and moral values, which we are going to transfer to the following generations and these new generations who will be the new actors, to also integrate this new era of peace, they have to focus very well on coordinated work, that coordinated work that is thanks Our Founder of UPF, Mother Moon, who truly is an example of peace, of service, of total detachment, with a maternal heart, a deep gratitude, like my fellow Ambassadors of Peace, we are very committed to continue with this important work that is peace , peace for all and peace for each one of us. Thank you very much, I send you a big hug.

Dr. Víctor Quispe Santander, Technical Secretary of the Commission of Indigenous Nations and Peoples of the National Assembly of the State: Very good evening, a cordial greeting to a great friend, Dr. Feraboli, a pleasure to see you for a long time, also a greeting to Rev. Lee Jung Moon a great friend, a special greeting to the entire Bolivian representation in this room , we are with the participation of the Dip. Yesenia Yarhui, the Dip. Jhovana Jordan, the Dip. Grover Huanca, the Dip. Griselda Muñoz, the Dip. Edgar Rendon, the Dip. Raul Rocha and the Dip. Otilia Shock.

We are talking about quite a few deputies present here, from different political parties, and what we want to start to change our policies, our Country, is starting from our legislators, so for them a big hug,  As Ambassador of Peace, I thank you for participating in UPF initiatives.

With UPF we worked for almost 12 years, with all the deputies in different administrations, with different political parties, but the vision was always to talk about Peace, and on this issue there is no political party, when we talk about Peace, we talk about the human being , that is a personal joy.

Also to tell you, today more than ever this pandemic is precisely a phenomenon that changes us, but not negatively, but positively because now we do know what family is, to fight for our children,  fight for our parents, fight for our brothers so that they are well, if it is solidarity because it is the help to our fellow men, seeing the situation in which they find themselves, if it is collaboration more than anything because like us many friends and brothers are suffering ; But it is also the most important moment that we must speak of peace at all times and this opportunity is united by all of us, so that we can leave this context that has engulfed us for more than a hundred days.

For everyone, it is time to act, it is time to change all over the world, not only in Bolivia, to be able to change what it is to live in harmony, to live under the principles of a single family under God, to help our fellow men, we are at a historical moment, the challenge is launched to the more than one hundred thousand 4000 peace ambassadors in Latin America and in Bolivia we have a significant amount, that we can change this historical country, to become a generation that can be the product of this pandemic.

Thank you all very much, big hugs.

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