‍Peru: HJ International Online Dance Festival 2020

Prepared by YSP Peru

On July 5, 2020, IAYSP-Peru conducted the HJ INTERNATIONAL ONLINE DANCE FESTIVAL 2020 under the vision of bringing together the arts based on the culture of heart and achieving a world of peace for the realization of one big family of humanity centered on Heavenly Parent and True Parents. The festival brought together 3,200 people from all age groups. Among these participants, 170 people had become connected through the two-week OIKOS program and social networking.

A total of 50 teams from 20 countries performed on this day. The festival successfully created sympathy for artistic activities of the culture of heart among the participants. Twenty teams made it to the finals, with ten selected for the individual section and the other ten for the group section. The festival not only provided young people the opportunity to demonstrate their talents, but it also became a source of much energy and joy to the members as well.

The festival began with the screening of a video introducing IAYSP. This was then followed by the welcoming address of Mr. Dokhwa, Chair of IAYSP-Peru, who encouraged everyone to nurture unchanging filial hearts particularly in these difficult times. The actual performances followed next with the assessment of the board of judges at the end of the performances. The festival was concluded with a congratulatory address from Samuel Ota Linhares, Chair of IAYSP-Latin America to all particpants of the Hj International Online Dance Festival 2020.


Though I could not meet anyone in person, I was grateful to see the efforts put in culturally bringing people together online. This festival once more helped me deeply feel True Parents’ vision of one big family of humanity under Heavenly Parent. – Fernando Pinedo

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