True Peace Magazine May 2020 issue

Prepared by True Peace Magazine team


  • 02 ARTICLE ONE: The Impact of the Corona Virus on our Region, Europe and the Middle East
  • 04 Entering Heungnam Prison Camp
  • 08 True Mother’s Holy Wedding Anniversary Message
  • 12 Reviving the God Within in the Covid-19 Era
  • 16 The Future of Africa is Its Young People
  • 22 Cooperatively Solving Societal Problems
  • 26 A Second Life
  • 29 Need for Revival, a New Direction Home
  • 32 Your Organization Could Be Part of the Solution
  • 35 Creative Thinking, Hard Work and Persistence
  • 37 Unity through Love
  • 39 RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE: Live Peaceably with All
  • 41 Miracles Happen Quietly and Without Notice

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