Special Meeting with True Mother

Special Meeting with True Mother which was hold on June 4, 2020 at Cheon Jeong Gung

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Thank you for your hard work….

This day’s existence is a once-in-a-lifetime eternal [opportunity] in your lives; it is the beginning, the starting point. It is eternal and this is a unique time. Also, today, all different departments are meeting to complete this temple This kind of [meeting] never existed in the past and will not exist in the future. However, [it will bear fruit in a work] that will remain eternally. People from all over the world will want to visit and want to live here. So, you should be grateful for all the blessings you are receiving these days and for being alive during this time on earth. Through this temple, people can receive education. We want to create an environment where they can experience [God’s heart].

Heavenly Parent’s dream was to love and embrace humanity and to live with them as their parent on earth. This parent wanted to realize the kingdom of heaven on earth. To this day, fallen humanity has been going through tremendous tribulations. When we consider the principles of creation by which God, the Creator, must absolutely be in the position of Heavenly Parent and contemplate that since he is the Alpha and the Omega, he must without fail succeed in his task, [we realize] a man and a woman must arise on earth to ensure that victory. In other words, if a perfected Adam and Eve fail to become true parents, neither Heavenly Parent’s dream nor humanity’s hope can be realized.

Through the Covid-19 pandemic, the world became very unstable. I am sure that conscientious people would have realized many things. As long as God exists, [human beings] with their [constant] self-centered thoughts and way of life will never see a peaceful world. A waterfall begins from only one drop of water. A stream [for example] shouldn’t just stay a stream; streams should join and become a broader river, and that river should connect to the seas if it wants to stay alive. The same goes for our lives. There is a place we need to get to! As long as we ignore that goal, we will go through great tribulation.

Yesterday I saw a film made in England in which they said that by 2050 the world will have 10 billion inhabitants. If that’ s the case, will the planet be able to handle it? It showed that in its current state this planet is already suffering from problems caused by environmental pollution, global warming and food crises; many regions will be decertified, and one day there will be insufficient water…. Though they traveled the world making a documentary showcasing this phenomenon, they did not reach any conclusions. At this time, every ideology, politics, economy…

Conscientious people who think [and worry] about the future will come to feel that they cannot continue without God’s grace and protection.

[True Parents] appeared among the people, but if humanity keeps ignoring or dodging them, one day they’re going to regret it and won’t be able to look their descendants in the eye. What is the returning Lord’s desire? What is the desire of the Jesus Christ who said he would come again? It is to find his spouse. Heavenly Parent is the one who is to give birth to his spouse; it is not a human being who gives birth to the spouse. So the Lord of the Second Advent has to meet the only begotten daughter. In my memoir, I refer to the fulfillment of the providence, and I said that the Creator God wished to be our Heavenly Parent.

The only begotten son was born 2,000 years ago, but did not fulfill his responsibility and went the way of the cross. God, the Creator, has to give birth to the only begotten daughter and see His providence fulfilled. Since the chosen people of Israel failed to fulfill their responsibility, God will couldn’t use them… God chose the Korean peninsula to give birth to His only begotten daughter. He chose Korea.

You all are participating in something great that will not be repeated, and you are responsible to fulfill your portion of responsibility! This is not a position that will always be there but is one we hold today. Knowing that, I ask you to give your best, prepare yourselves well, put your heads together and unite so that we can create this unique temple. You guys are determined and ready to move ahead, right? Let’s do our best and design the finest masterpiece. Aju!

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