Southeast Asia Peace Talks Webinar

Prepared by UPF Asia

The UPF Southeast Peace Talks Webinar which was held on June 11,2020 drew 584 registered participants from 25 nations across Asia Pacific and other parts of the world.  With the theme, “Challenges in Governance in Our Time of a Global Pandemic: Southeast Asian Perspective”, the webinar featured 7 knowledgeable panel of speakers which included:

  1. Dr. Monthip Sriratana, Former Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Former Member of the Parliament in Thailand,
  2. Hon. Leopoldo Bataoil, Mayor of Lingayen, Pangasinan, Former Congressman, Philippine House of Representatives and President of IAPP Philippines,
  3. H.E. Suos Yara, member of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia,
  4. Dato’ Muhammad Nasir Hamzah, Deputy Chairman of Karangkraf Media Group from Malaysia,
  5. H.E. Dr. Abdul Wahid Maktub, Special Adviser to the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia and former Ambassador of Indonesia to Qatar,
  6. Dr. Bibi Jan Mohamed Ayyub, Board Member, Club HEAL from Singapore,
  7. Ven. Dr. Sobhita, Founder, International Buddhist Education Center in Myanmar.

The webinar explored the critical role and challenges of government leaders, religious leaders, leaders from the civil society, and all other sectors of the society in responding to the corona virus pandemic. In addition, the speakers shared their insights into how nations and leaders themselves could improve their responsiveness and preparedness as well as best practices that could be proposed. 

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