Oceania: Peace Talks Webinar IAPD

Prepared by UPF Oceania

On Saturday, June 20, 2020. Heavenly Asia-Pacific, Oceania Sub-region initiated the first UPF Oceania Peace Talks Webinar on IAPD and gathered together representatives of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism

and Hinduism from Nepal, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, this attracted

76 participants from 9 countries across Asia-Pacific and around the world. These Religious leaders

gave a moral and spiritual perspective of the COVID-19 crisis, reminded people to have right attitudes, gave practical ways for example boosting the immune system, explained our way forward persevering

in patience and prayer while caring for ourselves and for others. They all agreed to the value of loving ones neighbor, eradicating selfishness and embedding these values at an earliest age possible.

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