Observing the Early Stages of the Messianic Mission – Part 2

By Won Pil Kim

Last week we embarked on a series of Rev. Won Pil Kim’s testimonies about his experiences with and observations of the beginning of True Parents’ mission—the mission of the Messiah—and how it unfolded from the first years of Father’s public ministry.

There were perhaps just six members who followed Father during the time he was teaching in Pyongyang, North Korea, and then managed to stay with True Father (and True Mother) as he continued his ministry in South Korea. The following account of Father’s early ministry in Pyongyang from 1946 to 1948, which we will present as a series over the next few weeks, is compiled from a series of talks Rev. Kim gave to participants of a I20-day workshop in New York some 40 years ago. Parts of Rev. Kim’s commentary is especially directed to leaders, but many of the lessons he draws from Father’s early public ministry are relevant to all of us.

Part 2 (Click here to read Part 1 was posted last week)

People resurrect during Father’s speeches

I want you to understand why Father lectures in such a loud voice. Because he is so full of energy, you might think that this is just his way of expressing it, but that is not true. I heard that True Mother once suggested to Father, “I heard the members say that they have been sitting for a very long time. Could you please make your talk a little shorter?”

Father answered, “When I was speaking, I could see people changing and being resurrected. But when I stop giving the Word, their resurrection is immediately cut off. So I cannot help continuing.” In other words, Father’s speeches really give life to the people; his words are so beneficial: one part of his speech gives life to one person, another part to someone else, and so on. So he speaks so long in order that all can receive life. This is totally different from ordinary lectures; the usual lecture just imparts knowledge, but a Divine Principle lecture gives people life.

Perhaps some of you have had the experience of seeing people who are dying spiritually gradually resurrect through receiving the Principle. When you observe this resurrection, you feel great joy. The same thing is true with Father. When he sees people dying spiritually, he is so desperate to give them a lecture and save them from the state of death. Father was not just imagining that; he could actually see people in the state of death. Also, he could see Satan beside the members, tugging at them and trying to pull them away. When Father would see this, he would become so desperate and speak very loudly, putting all his energy and sincerity into the lectures.

Imagine that your beloved child is about to drown. He is far from the shore, and you can see that he is sinking. In order to save him, would you speak softly or loudly? What attitude would you take? When Father sees us, he realizes that we are dying. Usually, when people look at each other, they perceive only the physical body, but we should not forget that behind us stand our ancestors, good and bad, and behind them the entire spirit world, good and bad. Father can see this very clearly.

Judgment by the spiritualists

With that kind of preparation, when Father spoke, many spiritual phenomena would occur during the sermon. If someone had not prayed or prepared enough before listening to Father, some spiritualist might come over and say something to him or her. Many times spiritual phenomena would take place during Father’s sermons. At that time, Father didn’t interfere with these events, but just let them occur.

The spiritualists who came to hear Father in those days were mostly elderly ladies. When they would point out some error, the brothers and sisters would be terrified of them, even though they were just little old women. If the members’ motivation was right, however, they wouldn’t feel fear.

Now, people who come to hear Father rarely prepare so deeply, but in those days we came with such a serious attitude. We always checked our motivation, our heart, and our spiritual situation; if something was dark, out of alignment or not joyful, we would take steps to clear it up. At that time, we were in the servant’s stage, so if members had something wrong inside of them, the spirit world would come and point it out and judge them.

The difference between then and now (the 1980s)

We are now in the children’s stage, so the spirit world doesn’t directly judge us. For us, our original mind should fulfill this role and point out what is wrong. For the servant, education requires kicking out the evil and changing it. But for the child, education means first giving the truth and then letting him understand the right way to live, guided by the light of truth. This is the difference between education for the servants and education for the children.

Father knows when our preparation is not adequate, when there is something wrong inside of us, but he rarely points this out, because as children, our education requires something deeper. Father first gives us the truth, the Principle, so we can recognize for ourselves the proper attitude we need to develop. He tries to educate us through giving guidance, with the hope that we will recognize our shortcomings by ourselves and repent and correct them. Regarding this point, then, don’t think that Father knows nothing about your situation; please don’t neglect your internal condition when you meet Father. Please realize that Father already knows your situation.

Usually, Father doesn’t speak about our weak aspects or point out what is wrong with us. Even in those days, he didn’t do so. But the spiritualists could see people’s past and point out these things to the members.

Actually, spiritual phenomena are not limited to the early days of Father’s ministry, but they continue to occur around us, even though we may be unaware of them. The important thing is that God and Satan are fighting very hard for us, each of them trying to take us to his side. So in your daily life, you have to control the spiritual influence around you and be aware of which direction you are headed, whether towards God or towards Satan.

Then, the spiritualists pointed out all the evil inside the members, but now our original mind should take over this function. In our hearts, we should have this kind of spiritual sensitivity, to pick out the evil inside us and judge it.

The standard set by the “Inside-the-Belly” Church

For about 20 years before True Father came to North Korea, religious groups had been praying to receive the second coming. God directly told many things to the founder of one religious group that came to be known as the “Inside-the-Belly” Church. He revealed the nature of the original sin, why Jesus was crucified, and the manner of the Second Coming. This woman and other spiritualists as well knew that the second coming would take place in Korea. Members of the group donated all their property to the church and prepared themselves externally and internally for the second advent.

This woman was born in the countryside and had never received much education. So even though she received these revelations, she did not clearly understand their meaning. Moreover, what she received from God was very difficult for the Christians of those days to accept. Although what she received was the truth, she had no biblical explanation to substantiate it and she received much persecution.

The founder passed away and a second lady inherited her mission. Jesus appeared to this second lady and said, “When I speak to you, you will feel movements inside your stomach.” [Originally, she believed that the returning Lord would come on the clouds, but when she received revelations she would feel something like labor pains, confirming that the Messiah would be born on earth.] Because her revelations were confirmed in this way, the movement was called the Inside-the-Belly Church.

Jesus told this woman many things about how miserable he was, how he had always been very hungry but never was given enough food, how he wanted to have clothes to wear but never had enough, how he wanted to go to school but could not. When Jesus told her these things, she shed many tears because of his misery. This woman and the members of her group wanted to liberate the resentment of Jesus, so they determined to prepare a better environment for the second advent.

When they made preparations, they would invest all their heart in their labors. They chose and purified a room in which to make these preparations, and before entering the room, they would purify themselves. They wanted to separate themselves from evil, so they really purified themselves, externally and internally.

To buy what they needed, they went to the store early in the morning, before the shop opened, and waited in front in order to be the first customer of the day. Whatever they bought had to be brand new and freshly put out on display. They searched for the best things with which to welcome the Messiah, and they never haggled over the price, as was the custom in Korea in those days, because for them, the Messiah was the most noble person and whatever was bought for him was priceless. Those who were making preparations wanted to give everything to that task; if they had some treasured object of gold, for instance, they would sell it in order to raise money for the Messiah.

Once when they were making a traditional Korean hat, they had to send someone to South Korea to buy something not obtainable in the North. On the return journey, this person had to hold the item above his head during the entire trip, to keep it untainted.

There were no sewing machines, so all the clothes had to be made by hand. When they sewed they had to put all their heart into it. They would make three stitches and tie the thread, three more stitches and tie the tread again, etc. If their children would enter and interrupt them in the middle of some piece of work, they would start all over.

When they prepared food for the Messiah, they would imagine him sitting in front of them eating. They would bow many times before presenting the food. They welcomed Jesus spiritually through their daily lives. Whenever they had a special celebration, many members would gather and share the joy of welcoming the Messiah to their church. From such examples, we can understand how much heart they invested in their preparations.

To be continued…

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