Latin America: 2-Day Online Seminar

Prepared by FFWPU Latin America Sun-region 2

In Subregion 2 of Heavenly Latin America, a 2-day seminar was held on June 21 to 22, 2020 with the slogan “New beginning in the age of the Holy Community of Heavenly Parent” on this occasion through an Online Seminar organized by the Director of Subregion 2 Rev. Sung Jong Seo and the unity of the 4 National Leaders. Janul Pumonim has once again poured out his abundant blessing on Sub Region 2 of Heavenly Latin America

In the context of the Vision 2027 that the True Mother proclaimed on May 8/ 2020, with repentance and determination after the Sunday Service of Resolution performed in the subregion on 31 May officiated by the Rev. Sung Jong Seo. The New Beginning Seminar of the Holly Community of Janul Pumonim was successfully developed in Subregion 2 of Heavenly Latin America. On 29/04* and 01/05 8th year of the CIG; 20 and 21 June 2020 where about 380 people were gathered between heavenly tribal messiahs, blessed families and young people of 1st and 2nd generation of subregion 2 composed of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. 

The historic event was held in the Zoom platform online. In the 2 days the participants had the opportunity to feel intensely the love of Janul Pumonin and Cham Pumonin since Heaven has made it easier for members to attend this seminar so important to families and their ancestors, the occasion was also conducive to the repentance and renewal of commitments to the providence of restoration of Heavenly Latin America. 

The opening ceremony of the New Beginning Seminar was given with a protocol act with the words of welcome by the Leader of Subregion 2 Rev. Sung Jeong Seo and the conferences were on;

  1. The Divine Principle in the Age of the Heavenly Parents Holy Community
  2. The Meaning and Value of Blessing
  3. The life and course of the True Parents. The Life of the Fathers and the Life of the Mother
  4. Conference about traditions. The meaning of Holly days and the Sunday Service among other traditions
  5. Tribal Messianism Conferences

The conferences were presented by the National Leaders, Rev. Evaristo Fernández of Paraguay, Rev. Carlos Vargas of Argentina, Rev. Kasuhiro Tsusaka of Uruguay, Rev. Javier Sierra of Chile, and the Director of the HTMA Professor Gustavo Giuliano. In addition, at the end of the seminar 4 families one Family from each nation gave their life testimonies with the older brothers and in another group the youth received guidance from the 2nd generation leader of CARP Argentina Emanuel Sayavedra. 

The program was very intense, many people experienced in full skin the miracles of repentance, healing and the determination to make a new beginning as true children in the era of the Firm Establishment of Cheon Il Guk.

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