Germany: Second WCLC-Germany Zoom-Conference with Pastors

By Bernhard Leyer, Claus Dubisz , UPF Germany

On 16 May 2020, we held our second zoom conference with pastors. In attendance were not only those who had participated in events of the World Clergy Leadership Conference (WCLC) in the USA or Korea, but also friends of those pastors. Our numbers were double those of our first meeting, with 39 participants, of whom 22 were pastors.

We dealt with the topic: Unity

After the video clip of „Unity-Song“, the first item of the festival in New Jersey, a pastor and a Muslim leader told us about their experiences in Korea; they shared a room for the week in which they attended the ‘World Summit‘.

Pastor from Stuttgart: “We humans make things so complicated. But God’s love is not complicated. I shared my room with a Muslim, and we harmonized so well. We felt God‘s love very deeply. Why is it so hard for people in this world? I thought to myself: Papa Moon and Mama Moon have really found a way to bring people together and allow them to feel God’s love.”

Muslim leader from Gelsenkirchen: “During this week, we became brothers for life! I felt that we had known each other for ever. We talked about God and began to cry, and did not know why. We were overcome by our feelings and experienced such a deep spirit. After all, we pray to the same creator; we are brothers and sisters! “

They both agreed: “This event in Korea changed our lives. And our whole thinking and internal attitude has been lifted up to a higher dimension. “

Bernhard Leyer then presented statements on the topic: “Religion in the 21st century“ from the autobiography of our True Father: “All religious communities should cooperate to serve the world. The ultimate goal of religion is the realization of a human society filled with love and peace. Christianity plays a central role in the realization of world peace.“

Our True Mother was quoted: “To have true love means to love the unlovable. A person who lives with true love, cannot help but love his worst enemy. With this true love, we can overcome all differences of opinion and conflicts.“

Following this, we saw a video of the ACLC-Unity Festival (in the USA on 9 August 2019), at which Noel Jones of the City of Refuge Church (California, USA) spoke:

“And we are the anointed ones and the Holy Spirit is the single greatest unifier in the world; nobody unifies like the Holy Spirit. If there is going to be unity there has got to be humility. Which means we have to forget building our little empires and consider building the Kingdom, because we have to become as strong as independents that we fail to realize we are not out there by ourselves; we owe it to everybody to unify so we can make some serious changes in the world. That means, if we forget our own little empires and put our strengths together we can turn this world upside down.“ „In order for you to have humility, you´ve got to have love. Love is the substratum of humility which becomes the strength for unity. And who should love like we should love? Because the God we serve is Love.“

There was then a lot of time devoted to personal exchange, and we listened intently to many deep comments from the pastors such as:

  • > Simon Peter, the fisherman, Matthew, the tax-collector, they were not presidents, or mayors but quite normal people like you or me. But today the whole world knows who they were. We are important for God.
  • > God created everything and man is the crown of the creation. Humility brings unity. What are we, as believers, doing for this planet?
  • > Yes, I felt love (at the US rally). When I heard Mother Moon, it was clear to me: yes, this love brings us together.
  • > In John 17.21 we read: ‘That they are all one, as you , Father in me and I in you‘. The central message is: we are one organism.
  • > Thank God for today and this wonderful gathering of men and women of God, who speak more of the „inside“ of God. I want to speak about love because we speak much about peace. If there is no love, there will be no peace. Love is the center of peace.
  • > What we are and what we think or believe is not so important. Of much greater importance is to have humility and love in one’s heart. With this, all barriers can be overcome.
  • > Humility means also to serve and as a faith leader, we should serve others.
  • > We can certainly recognize our differences, otherwise we will meet lacking in substance. But in the spirit of unity, we should nourish that which binds us.

Excerpts from some closing remarks by Dr. Dieter Schmidt:

Our thanks go especially to all pastors from Africa. It is surely no coincidence that you (at least the majority) are amongst the first to participate here.

We went out from Europe to Africa as missionaries but unfortunately many bad deeds were perpetrated for which I, as a representative, would like to apologize. Now Europe needs you! I count here in the moment 33 participants which brings me to Jesus’ age. If Jesus had had people who has stayed with him through thick and thin and defended him, his path could have ended differently. That may sound dramatic, but in reality, the situation on our planet is more than dramatic.

Mother Moon is telling us: „There is no more time to lose!“ But we may ask: for what? We must have a daily dialogue with God, our Heavenly Parent. We have to find answers. Answers are necessary, because without a living relationship with God, this world can no longer be saved. Thus our meeting has a deep meaning. Of course, in order to support each other, but also because it is so serious – we have to reach mankind and bring them nearer to God. Many people are disappointed by the churches and Christianity in Europe. We have to do a lot of listening and bring healing.

Because people cannot simply continue to run around as orphans without knowing God, without knowing their parents.

Mother Moon has now opened a new umbrella, under which there is a place for everybody: “Heavenly Parent‘s Holy Community“.

As you know, I am a doctor. When someone is admitted to hospital for an operation, it is not important as to whether he is a Christian or Buddhist – one gets to work because help is needed. We have to be united by Mother Moon’s idea: „to build a heavenly community“. We are taking here the first steps. Stay with us. We need each other and together we are more than each person on their own.

Plans for the next meeting: We will gather suggestions for our ongoing cooperation. Pastor Isaac from England will be the guest speaker at our next event. He will report about his many years of work with BCLC in the UK.

Our next Zoom-Conference will be held in June.

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