Completion of Heavenly Asia Pacific 2nd Growth Stage 40-Day Special On-line Morning Devotion

Prepared by FFWPU Asia Pacific

On June 19, 2020, We hold the Victory Celebration for the Completion of Heavenly Asia Pacific 2nd Growth Stage 40-Day Special On-line Morning Devotion which was conducted from May 11 to June 19, 2020. We had 150 participants.

Following the beautiful tradition of Hoondokhae bequeathed by our True Parents, members in Heavenly Asia Pacific are setting a spiritual condition by beginning each day with True Parents’ words. The main theme of this devotion is “Inheriting Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents Shimjeong for the Firm Settlement of Substantial Cheon Il Guk”. Starting last April 1st when most nations are in lockdown and church gatherings are not allowed, the On-line Morning devotion was initiated and guided by the Regional Group Chairman of Heavenly Asia Pacific, Dr. Chung Sik Yong.

The live-cast is being conducted from Thailand every 6:00 AM. The first 40-days of the morning devotion condition was completed last May 10th and immediately after, the 2nd 40-day course started the next day, May 11th which was completed last June 19th 2020. A simple celebration was held at the Training Center in Pakchong, Thailand attended by 150 leaders and members who expressed their united resolve to absolutely unite together with our True Mother and march on forward for victory in realizing substantial Cheong Il Guk. Around 5,000 members have also joined on-line.

Now, the 3rd 40-Days and Completion Stage of the Special On-line Morning Devotion is on-going. This devotion of heart truly served as a well-spring of hope and uniting force that have encouraged and revived many brothers and sisters during the time of the global pandemic. Now more and more, many members continue to harness stronger determination through the power of True Parents’ words. 

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