Cameroon: Celebration of 58th Day of All True Things

Prepared by FFWPU Cameroon

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our world into an incubator of fear and confusion but through our True Parents love and prayer we were able to celebrate this day as one big family together with our Heavenly parent.

The 58th Day of All True Things was celebrated in Cameroon in Yaoundé at the National HQ of FFWPU, in Douala and also in Buea.  Although it was the first time in the last 3 months that members were gathering, the celebration saw the participation of over 40 members in Yaoundé, over 20 in Douala and 7 in Buea. Due to the restrictions for gatherings imposed by the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all members were required to put on face masks and respect the social distancing measures during the celebrations. Nevertheless, there was a spirit of warmth and love among the members who gathered all over the nation to celebrate this holy day.

The ceremony in Yaoundé was led by the National Leader of Cameroon, Rev. Edwin Plekhanov . The ceremony began with the singing of the CIG anthem, the offering of full bows beginning with the national leader followed by the 3rd generation, the 2nd generations, the blessed couples and all other members. This was followed by the recitation of the family pledge and a representative prayer by the national leader. In his prayer, he cried out to heaven on behalf of each one of us and asked for forgiveness for the negligence and misuse of the creation given by our heavenly parent. Many promises and resolutions were made and we all felt the importance of this day through the prayer. This was followed by the unison prayer after which we sang the anniversary song for the creation and cut the cake.

The HDH was taken from Cheon Seong Gyeong – Book 11 “Ceremonies and Holy Days” Chapter 5 “Holy Days and its Commemorations, Section 1: “Holy Days” under the sub topic; “the Day of True Creation”. It was read by the national leader. After the reading he made some comments, explaining about our responsibility and devotion towards the creation, the heart and attitude we must have when in contact with the creation and the meaning of this day in our church.

He explained the significance of the holy day and continued by giving the report of the conference that held the previous day under the auspices of the regional group chair, Rev. Bakary CAMARA. He reminded the audience of the emphasis that was laid on raising youths and especially 2nd generation in accordance with True Mother’s vision with particular emphasis on the compulsory 1-year missionary service program for all 2nd generation youths who completed high school before they get into university.

After the announcements, the vice president, Nchia Kamran continued as MC for the second part of the ceremony which was the presentation of songs in honour of True Parents. Members expressed their love and support for True Mother through the various songs that were offered. After the presentations, a group picture was taken, a closing prayer was offered and the ceremony concluded with 3 shouts of Eok Mansei.

The celebrations followed the same procedure in Douala in the 2 centres of Douala: one led by the zone leader of Zone A, Rev. Fongoh Innocent and the other led by Pastor Akoh Joseph while in Buea, it was led by an elder.

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