Brazil: Witnessing and Education

By Ronilson P. Azevedo, FFWPU Brazil

Basically, all of our activities are being done online, due to the Coronavirus situation. This June we held an online seminar for about 200 participants. The purpose of the seminar was to train new public leaders (missionaries and vice pastors). In this seminar we conducted training on Divine Principle conferences, internal guides and testimony from veteran leaders. As a result, 42 more new missionaries and 9 vice pastors were established.

We are also continuing to record and broadcast the videos of the Divine Principle. This month we noticed that the guests are enjoying the short videos more, so I am making several videos up to 10 minutes long and we have reached a good number of new people watching: about 15,000 new people had access to the content in the last one month. It was a 50% increase over last month. 30 new people sign up as a new member and are now in the process of receiving further education from their spiritual parents to strengthen themselves in faith and tradition. We will also have a plan to start publishing shorter-length videos in Spanish.

In addition to Brazil, the other sub regions are also strengthening their online activities, mainly with videos and meetings via zoom. But each sub regional leader is applying his own strategy, according to his local reality.

Here you can watch Divine Principle Lectures in two languages:

Portuguese Divine Principle Lectures

Spanish Divine Principle Lectures

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