Brazil: S!NERGY 2020 Online

Prepared by IAYSP Brazil

On Saturday May 23, 2020, 1 P.M., IAYSP Latin America conducted its S!NERGY 2020 Online program. Participants waited with anticipation for the program to begin. Presentations on different projects and plans on social entrepreneurship were made. The program, which was conducted through Zoom, attracted a total of 250 participants and more than 2,400 people viewed it from Facebook. The Peace Designer Online rally that was conducted over a period of three weeks, also brought together more than 300 participants from 18 countries, including Brazil (165 people), Peru (52 people), Bolivia (35 people), Argentina (28 people), Nicaragua (22 people), Dominican Republic (20 people), Costa Rica (5 people), Panama (4 people), Uruguay (3 people), Colombia (3 people), Honduras (2 people), Korea (1 person), Paraguay (1 person), Portugal (1 person), France (1 person), Ecuador (1 person), Germany (1 person), Spain (1 person).

Thirty-three projects were presented on May 23. 17 projects that could not be presented on this day were presented later on Monday, May 25, coming together at a total of 50 projects.

The projects addressed diverse topics, and some of them included support for schools and financial education, prevention of violence against women, cleaning the coast, support activities for Corona 19 patients, education on a healthy food life, recycling, and support activities for seniors. The winning projects of S!NERGY 2020 ONLINE were announced on Monday May 25, 7 P.M. A judging panel made up of IAYSP Latin America members, youth peace ambassadors, professors and teachers, as well as entrepreneurs, selected the winners.

Out of the 50 projects, 12 were selected and won prizes. The winning projects will be funded by IAYSP Latin America to help the projects run. IAYSP encouraged all projects as well as those presented during the Peace Designer rally to be carried out. Through this, IAYSP Latin America plans to fund IAYSP members and Peace Designer participants as well as work all together in initiating and having the planned projects running.

The Peace Designer Rally that was conducted over a period of 3 weeks, could also provide young people with the opportunity to work on realizing a world of peace centered on true love, which also aligns with IAYSP goals. IAYSP Latin America plans to continue the Peace Designer rallies in the future and will further work on developing it more.

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