Brazil: Push forward for the 2027 Goal

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

During this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, the church in Brazil has continued its activities thanks to video conference technology and message by application. Members remain excited to adapt their activities to the current times.

Hoon Dok Hae: Every morning the president of the Church of Heavenly Parents in Brazil reads true Parent’s words and records internal guidance and sends it to groups of members in Brazil and in those groups there is the always awaited comment from dr. Cesar Zaduski on HDH so that members can receive spiritual energy in their homes.

Divine Principle lectures: Divine Principle conferences were recorded in various formats (1 day, 3 days, 7 days etc …) to be sent to new members by spiritual parents and those who are in the process of joining the Church and shortly after watching, the spiritual parent ask feedback and give guidance of the section according to what each individual understood and ask for details of the conferences and answer questions and so the testimony process is very interactive and that is after each lecture.

Full time youth members: Full time members do 2 rounds of 80 minutes of the DP study, summarizing in the notebook style of conference handout, conference training by Zoom (80min.), test and study of the PD by Zoom (90min.), dedication (ex. cleaning the house treating as a temple of God, 45 to 90 min.), 40 min prayer by Zoom and reflection meeting by Zoom (30 to 40 min)

Luz dos Jovens (Youth light): To educate teenagers aged 16 to 17. Among the participants in this group, some follow almost the Full-Time schedule, others participate in the program partially.

CARP: HDH and reflection meeting, Prayer 40 min by Zoom, they study and test of the DP (90 min). Also, they participate in the study of CAUSA (55 min) which also participate pastors and missionaries helping them in educating members in CAUSA related lectures with positive feedback results reaching the education purpose.

Home Group: Home Group meetings are being held inside the houses with family members and those who do not live together participate by zoom or Skype.

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