Bhutan: Peace Talk Webinar

Prepared by UPF Bhutan

UPF-Bhutan has organized a peace talk webinar conference on “Peace talk on going through and beyond the COVID 19 crisis.” Speakers of the Webinar discussed about maintaining peace within the current situation and even further more.

In the webinar conference former cabinet minister of the govt. of Nepal and Chairman of

UPF and IAPP Asia Pacific, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal gave a keynote address. Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal emphasized how UPF has been conducting activities despite the pandemic situation now. He mentioned how UPF has been working throughout the world with its 6 pillars association focusing on various specific fields.

Then, Hon. Pemba Dhrukpa, Former Member of Parliament, Kingdom of Bhutan expressed how he felt to join UPF Webinar during this pandemic situation and explained the situation in Bhutan right now. The things seem to be fine and people really seem to have faith even in this situation and he also motivated us not to fear and move forward as one.

In the Webinar, Mr. Santosh Paudel; Director, UPF South Asia, conveyed his warm greetings to his majesty and entire family. He praised how well Bhutan was doing. He said, “This is the time when our leadership has to be risen. Since the whole world is facing the problems and are panicking, as Ambassador for peace, and leaders, our role is more paramount.”

Mr. Karma Tshering, Country director; Bhutan-Canada Foundation, he explained how his Majesty is travelling all around Bhutan to assure that every citizen is safe and sound. Then, Mr. Stephen Couchman, project Director; Bhutan-Canada Foundation, he said, “We should be positive and also understand the challenges that we face in this journey of helping people to be as resilient as they possibly can be and developing our self-sufficiency.”

The program moderated by Mr. Binod Dangi, National Coordinator of UPF Bhutan.

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