Austria: Legacy of Love Centenary Exhibition

By Bogdan & Yoshiko Pammer, FFWPU Austria

From May 27th to 29th the Legacy of Love Centenary Exhibition celebrating the life of our True Father and the 60th anniversary of True Parents’ wedding anniversary was held in Linz, Austria. The location of the exhibition was the Old Townhall of the City of Linz, a center accommodating municipal offices and an event location in the city center of Linz.

24 posters displayed the life course, works and teaching of Father and Mother Moon. It was an amazing opportunity to testify to you, True Parents in the public and at the very center of our city. The exhibition was publicized in two local newspapers. For our community this was an important step forward. All members in our community came together and united well for this event.

A joyful celebration of True Parents’ Holy Birthday in the beginning of this year in our FFWPU center in Linz, where over 60 members and guests came together in celebration, was the foundation stage of our celebration of the centenary. This exhibition serves as growth stage.

Because of the COVID19 situation we could not hold a centenary event and gathering in the Old Townhall yet. We therefore plan to host the Legacy of Love event and put the exhibition again on display in November 2020, as the third stage of our efforts to celebrate and proclaim our True Parents in Linz. We feel this is a blessed opportunity and we will do our best to reach as many as people as possible in our region through these events and bring a victory to our Heavenly Parent!

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