USA: True Mother Donates Clothes For A Good Cause

Prepared by WFWP USA

Affectionately known as True Mother and the Mother of Peace, Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is among a growing number of people donating clothes for a good cause with its recently launched campaign “Giving for Good.” Inspired by her daughter Dr. Sun Jin Moon, WFWP International senior vice president, the new initiative not only declutters closets while reselling clothes, it also benefits the environment.

“Sun Jin was thinking about how to help during this time of the Covid-19 crisis,” said WFWP-USA President Angelika Selle. “That’s when she thought of selling pre-owned clothes.” Selle said reselling clothing is a way for people to potentially offset personal economic hardship while also giving back. Sellers can easily list their items on any social media platform using the how-to guide and decluttering tips provided on the WFWP-USA Giving for Good campaign website, and opt to donate a percentage of the sale to the organization.

“This campaign has multiple benefits where you help other people, do something for the environment, and declutter your closets,” said Selle. And within a week of its launch on May 15, organizers have seen rising interest. “We have shared this with various Unificationist groups to involve more young adults in their networks,” said WFWP-USA Outreach Director Kiyomi Schmidt, who set up the campaign. “We also reached out to small eco-friendly businesses and vintage sellers to build momentum.”

Statistics show that the average American throws away 81 pounds of clothing per year, while globally only 20 percent of textiles are recycled or reused. “This project can help break the cycle of over-consumption and pollution,” said Selle. “True Mother was so moved by Sun Jin’s idea that she donated 11 items.” True Mother’s dresses and purses will be auctioned in a live webinar hosted by WFWP-Japan in the coming weeks. “Proceeds will probably go toward WFWP humanitarian projects around the world, like Schools of Africa,” said Selle.

With the hashtag #givingforgood, assorted items have steadily surfaced online by different sellers, ranging from baby clothes to professional wear and homegoods. “We have men and women of various ages who are participating,” said Schmidt. “Anyone can get involved; the campaign is ongoing and really something you can do at any time.”

“We acted out of faith and can really see God’s blessings with this project,” added Selle. “It’s really amazing what has been happening.”

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