True Mother’s Message on 60th Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding

True Parents’ Words during the Special Gathering to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding which was held on 4.16 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 8th Year of Cheon Il Guk (May 8, 2020) at HJ Cheonbo Heaven and Earth Training Center

I am pleased to meet you. Three months have passed [since our last gathering.] May is the most beautiful season, the season of hope. A few days ago, as I passed by the beds of azaleas in the Cheon Jeong Gung gardens, I was surprised to see so many blooms. I also saw bees and butterflies dancing and working industriously. Seeing this, I thought about Heavenly Parent the Creator.

Heavenly Parent had a dream and created heaven and earth and created these beautiful seasons for the sake of human beings. However, due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, even though Heavenly Parent was the owner of the universe, He could not act as the owner. For 6,000 long years, Heavenly Parent waited patiently as He searched for people who could understand His Will. Notably, the current coronavirus pandemic has caused national lockdowns throughout the world and, in numerous ways, it has become difficult to make unity as nations protect their own borders and walk individual paths. It is no longer possible to become one solely through human effort and initiative. We have seen that a world of peace cannot be realized through human power alone. What do you all feel?

The year 1960 was when Heavenly Parent could finally begin the long-awaited earthly providence. The 16th day of the 3rd month (by the lunar calendar) in 1960 should have been the day when Heavenly Parent and True Parents became one. However, throughout history, the providence of salvation and the providence of restoration through indemnity met with many failures and delays. In particular, the returning Lord should have been able to accomplish his mission based on the foundation of Christianity. When this was not possible, in 1960, True Parents began a marathon through which they aimed to save the world. True Parents worked continuously and tirelessly to embrace the world; they worked desperately, shedding their blood and tears to overcome indescribable and unimaginable obstacles.

The marathon continued for 54 years and on the 13th day of the 1st month (by the lunar calendar) in 2013, who crossed the finish line of Foundation Day? True Mother was alone in this. That is why it was I who proclaimed Cheon Il Guk. I proclaimed the founding year of Cheon Il Guk. Thereafter, for three years, I offered devotions in remembrance of Father. I asked Heavenly Parent for compassion, forgiveness and love. True Father’s mission was to be completed on earth; it had to be accomplished on earth first. However, it is not yet realized. As I have just mentioned, for three years, I offered devotions in remembrance. After three years of devotions, I offered the following to True Father: “Please be free to join Heavenly Parent in eternal glory. I will take responsibility for the providence on earth.”

It is the earthly providence that is important. The importance of this moment, when you are alive and breathing at the same time as I am, in unfathomable. I am sure that due to the coronavirus, you have taken measures such as social distancing or quarantine. I hope that all of you can also reflect on, review, repent for and improve your daily lives, since they are the foundation for becoming qualified citizens of Cheon Il Guk who will live in Heaven for eternity. Hence, I hope that you can all resolve to complete your responsibilities. Will you do so?

The past four years have been breathless. Fully aware of the providence, I did not have a single moment to relax. I am sure you witnessed and felt this as well. Heavenly Parent alone stood with me. Do you acknowledge this?


When I mentioned that seven nations had to be restored, few believed me. When I mentioned that I had to go to Africa, that I had to go to Senegal, everyone was against it. However, what was the outcome and what was the conclusion? We were victorious. And on the foundation of these victories, this year, 2020, I proclaimed the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk.

It is the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk. Its firm settlement, not just its establishment. A proclamation cannot remain just a proclamation. That is why, during this period of the coronavirus, I spent 55 days in deep prayer and jeongseong. Heaven can no longer wait. While I am alive on the earth, we need to see all people, all of humanity, gloriously attending Heavenly Parent in their daily lives. The conclusion is that we can delay no further.

I know that through Secretary-General Yun Young-ho you have all learned about the history of the work. The field of practice for true love Heavenly Parent has been dreaming about is not heaven but earth. Heavenly Parent, who exists as an invisible spirit, wishes to embrace, love, and raise all people, by becoming one—as their Heavenly Parent—with the perfected ones in the physical body that stand in the position of the True Parents. This dream must be actualized. Heaven can no longer be asked to wait. It is no longer acceptable that humanity only gains understanding through suffering; we do not have time to wait for eons to come into awareness of Heaven’ will.

During the work for Vision 2020, I pushed myself a little too far physically and my legs became painful. My thought was to return immediately to work but in reality I was unable to. Mysteriously, Heaven granted me the necessary time to rest. Thinking about it, I have nothing but gratitude. Now, my work is to show humanity how to live as citizens of Cheon Il Guk who live in attendance to Heavenly Parent. After True Father’s ascension, I spoke about building Cheon Won Gung. Unfortunately, the necessary preparations were not put in place immediately. There were numerous obstacles, both from secular institutions and individuals. However, I have now made a decision. During the beautiful spring season of 2023, I plan on dedicating Cheon Won Gung, and especially the Cheon Il Sanctum—the sanctum where we can attend our Heavenly Parent.

I think you will remember Father words from a long time ago: “Henceforth, the number of people becoming aware of God’s will and then coming here will be like a great tide; there will be no end of ferries lining up in Busan harbor.” These words cannot fall on barren ground. They must be realized in substance. Thus, there must be somewhere for the results to be shown. That is why I am moving forward.

The reunification of this peninsula is the dream of this nation and its people. I have long since spoken on the subject. Reunification is not possible through human intelligence or human effort alone. The Korean Peninsula must become a peninsula that attends Heavenly Parent. In other words, this nation must become a Heavenly Korea. To hasten the realization of this, I have restructured Korea into five sub-regions. I did so to bring about greater results. During the recent parliamentary elections, did you demonstrate your abilities? This nation should belong to Heaven. Heavenly Parent must dwell in this nation. Politicians and people who do not understand Heaven’s will must not obstruct Heaven’s providence. That is why I am asking you to teach people about the truth of the providence and its history.

Fortunately, my autobiography was published. Have you heard about the change of heart those who read my autobiography are having? I received your testimonies, but I also received the testimonies of peace ambassadors and of regular citizens. Heaven loves the blessed families and gave you such a gift and such an opportunity. Hence, your responsibility is important. Will you fulfill your responsibility? Not one single person, no one alive on this earth, should remain ignorant of Heavenly Parent or of True Parents. The sun is now setting on Christianity. That is why I announce ‘Haneul Bumonim Seong Hwae (Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community),’ where all people and all spheres of life, whether political, religious, economic or ideological, can all gather under one banner. In English, it is Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. Until now, Christianity and other religious group did not fulfill their heavenly mandate under the names of their churches. All NGOs we have worked with until now, whether UPF, FFWPU, WFWP, and so on, must come under the Heavenly Parent’s great umbrella and testify about Heavenly Parent 120 percent. Please do not gauge the time we are living in with the attitude that you know everything. Do not engage any more in foolish endeavors. Please do not be unfilial in front of True Parents any longer.

I mentioned that I would speak about the truth of the providence that had remained hidden until now. It is not only Heavenly Father that dwells within Heavenly Parent. Heavenly Mother also does. What the name [Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community] signifies is that the Heavenly Mother will assume a central role to embrace and give birth to all people in the world. That is how great an umbrella it is. You should be so excited that you should stand up and dance. When did we see such a day! This nation was not powerful on the world stage and faced numerous difficulties. Because of whom did this nation become a light unto the world and stand before others? Do not drag your heels any longer!

I would like to add one more thing. While I am on earth, I will henceforth arrange everything properly. Heavenly Parent is with me and my wish is to return joy and glory to Heavenly Parent and report, “Heavenly Parent! Today, so-and-so nation has resolved to attend You.” This is the kind of report we must offer. At least while I am on earth, I do not know whether it will be 10 years or 20 years, at least one third of the 7.7 billion people around the world should practice living in the kingdom of heaven on earth by knowing and attending Heavenly Parent.

If each of you who has the ability of dealing with 100 people makes effort, and these 100 people can in turn deal with 1,000 people, then it will be possible. I have given you everything you need to move forward. There will be a time for me to travel, not only within Korea but all over the world and directly receive your reports.

My position is that I must live each day as if it were a thousand years, then truly many things will happen. That is why I will strengthen the International Headquarters. Henceforth, all directives will be given through International Headquarters. I have done so in the past but even when dealing with nations, I will do this. That is why I appoint Yun Young-ho as Director-General of the International Headquarters. I am aware that you did not understand a lot and gossiped a lot. However, he is the person who believed when I said unbelievable things. You all said “no,” yet he believed.

Cheon Il Guk is the unified, heavenly nation. During True Father and my Holy Wedding in 1960, Heaven gave me a revelation. “Henceforth, all citizens will become Cheon Il citizens (citizens of Heavenly unity).” Whether from the Kim clan, the Park clan, the Lee clan, and so on, everyone will become Cheon Il citizens. The issue is how we should live as qualified citizens in Cheon Il Guk. Such citizens’ names will be recorded in heaven. You need to understand how great a blessing, yet how scary such a name is. You should not ask, “What is Cheon Il Guk?” I must take measures such that worthless gossip does not reach my ears. Now is the time to unite with me in oneness of voice and oneness of action. Just as sunflowers follow the sun whether the sky is cloudy or covered, you also need to have such an attitude. Do you understand?


Will you do it?


Do you pledge to do so?


I will not wait long.

The past 54 years of the providence were preparing for Foundation Day. From Foundation Day, we must begin a new advance. It is a new history, a new era. Hence, what should we do? As children and as human beings, what we must think about most are the Parents. The anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding. It is only this day that will forever be passed down by humanity.

The completion of the providence starts in the spring. The beginning and the completion should happen in the spring. That is why True Parents’ Day and Heavenly Parent’s Day should both be celebrated on the 16th day of the 3rd month. I have explained why this must be the case. I think you have not forgotten. Heavenly Parent started out in the spring. Heavenly Parent prepared everything in winter and wanted to blossom and sprout the shoots of hope in the spring. That is why for humanity and for Heaven, the greatest day is the 16th day of the 3rd month. Henceforth, events will continuously be celebrated in this way. Are you happy?


Are you grateful?


I love you!

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  1. Awesome speech! Tom McDavitt shared that he print it out and recorded it so he can listen to it. He also read for us True Mother’s Biography(Preface and various parts). It was great and we cannot wait a book. I signed pledge for 430 books.

  2. It’s so amazing mother

  3. MWANAINCHI says:

    We are blessed through true parents.
    Long life to our true mother.

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