Peru: Hyojeong Youth Meeting for a Peaceful Future

Prepared by CARP / IAYSP Peru

On May 2, 2020, IAYSP and CARP-Peru jointly hosted a Hyojeong Youth Meeting through Zoom. This is part of their efforts to reach out to young people as social distancing becomes the norm in such daunting time.  The fun and energizing gathering attracted more than 200 young people. It was a special time where much love was shared by all.

Mr. Dokhwa Miraval, CARP and IAYSP leader of Peru, spoke at the meeting, encouraging all participants to spend this time well, to live with a filial heart, and to grow both internally and externally. Present were also Cheon Il Guk missionaries from the United States as well as lecturers and members of Peru. Diverse topics were addressed and some included Divine Principle lectures and education on purity. A lot of efforts were directed toward creating an atmosphere of goodness, as well as connecting the young participants to future providential activities (IAYSP). The theme of this meeting was “Purity is our Hope,” and lectures helped participants have an in-depth understanding on purity and how essential it is in creating true families.

Sumi Azcue, who is a 20-year-old second generation in Peru, said the gathering was a good reminder as she could reflect again over the most important aspect of her life of faith. Furthermore, it brought together the hearts of members active outside in jointly making one common resolution. Songs and dances prepared by members added up to the good atmosphere. Participants were positive about the gathering, expressing how thankful they were to be able to attend such a meeting.

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