Peru: HJ Youth Meeting

Prepared by YSP Peru

On Saturday, May 02, 2020 AIYSP – Peru and CARP – Peru held the youth meeting through the zoom. More than 200 people participated in the event that featured a very dynamic, youthful and lively program transmitting the love of True Parents.

The event helped strengthen our connection to Heavenly Parents and True Parents in this time of mandatory social isolation. The event started with a song that helped the participants to reflect.

Later, Mr. Dokhwa Miraval, President of CARP and IAYSP Peru, welcomed everyone and explained about the importance of taking advantage of this difficult time with a heart of HyoJeong. We helped to connect guests (from Cheon Il Guk USA missionaries and members at large) and members for future providential activities (AIYSP), and encouraged them to study the divine principle, character education, pure love, and other topics by creating a good heavenly atmosphere with the participants.

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