Latin America: Inauguration of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community in Sub-Region 5

Prepared by FFWPU Latin America

The inauguration of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community took place in Sub-Region 5, Heavenly Latin America on Saturday May 23, 2020. 11 national leaders out of the 13 countries in Sub-Region 5 and the Caribbean participated in the video conference organized by Sub-Regional Director Leonidas Belliard. The video-conference was based on the Sunday service program conducted by Asia Pacific last week.

We used the PPT presentation given by Dr. Yun during the 60th Holy Wedding anniversary celebration with True Mother last May 8, 2020. We also watched a video with True Mother’s speech and declaration of the 2027 Vision. After the presentation done by sub-regional director Belliard, national leaders asked questions about the real meaning and date for changing the name of our traditional FFWPU institution. The meeting began at 10 am and finished at 11:45 am.


Rev. Peter Phillips National Leader of Barbados: “There should not be a single person living on earth that does not know about our Heavenly parent”, it was indeed another inspirational meeting, fed with encouragement, soul searching dividends, presented in a way which caused us to realize that there is no turning back now.

Heavenly Parent ‘s Holy Community, the one family under GOD Illustrates the heart and love of our True Mother for humanity. The steps it took, sacrifices, pain and in some cases the anguish that had to be endured is beyond human. Thanks for the insight to bringing us together, and for the foresight to bridge us in the Caribbean, as one, as commit our countries to fulfill the 2027 goal.

Rev. Bernardo Cruz National leader of Dominican Republic: Today was a special day for our Celestial Caribbean region for the launch of the heavenly Father Mother sacred community for our region. The Dom Rep will make it our responsibility to support our true mother as the only begotten from Heaven. A great hope of bringing joy to God through the desire of True Parents. The true mother has always been thinking of reviving the spirit of our members. She promised it to the father and today it is coming true the sacred community will bring hope for God and blessed families. During this launch of the sacred community for the Caribbean all the leaders could feel the desire of our true mother; and we are committed to reviving our blessed families and giving them hope that the dream of God and True parents will come true through us fulfilling our share of responsibility. The hope that we have not to disappoint our true mother in her desire, gives us the strength to continue working tirelessly with devotion to do the will of Heaven. From the depths of our hearts we thank the love of our true mother.

Our nation is committed to the true mother, we will work hard, we will not doubt, we will be with a fervent heart to follow the direction of heaven through the True mother.

Rev. Remy Taupier National Leader of St. Lucia: Many greetings from St Lucia. Thank you for your leadership to guide us in this special time of the Providence with true Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter of God.  We have been very moved by True Mother’s absolute focus to push the Providence of Cheon-Il-Guk with Vision 2020.

Now with True Mother’s heart, we will expand the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community in St Lucia for the safe settlement of Cheon-il-Guk until 2027. True Mother’s autobiography will be soon available, this will be a good help for us to share True Parents’ vision and educate people. We will share True Mother’s heart in St Lucia especially with Christian leaders. Thank you very much.

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