Latin America: Inauguration of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community in Sub-Region 4

Prepared by FFWPU Mexico

On May 24, 2020, we had the opportunity to inaugurate the Heavenly Parent Holy Community during have Sunday service sharing between Mexico and Costa Rica where 50 families attended the event on line.

The event was guided by the heart and love of our True Mother, through the Rev. Dae Hee Hong, Director of subregion 4 of Latin America.

We read True Mother’s message given on May 8 2020 which strengthened our determination to fulfill our responsibilities. We also had the declaration to witness about Heavenly Parent and True Parents to all the people of our region, letting everyone know that we are all children of our Heavenly Parents.


Our Beloved True Mother continues to be firm and determined even at her age, showing us the example of faith, love and absolute connection with True Father and with Heavenly Parent. So with her example, as well as that of the True Father, it is clear for us what kind of life we should have and what actions we must now apply to achieve our own victory as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

National Leader of Costa Rica, Rev. Man Ho Woo deeply appreciated Rev. Hong’s heart as he shared deeply about True Mother’s message, as well as creating this online gathering at the time we should keep social distance because of Covid pandemic.

Roy Sanchez deeply appreciated the opportunity participate at the Sunday Service guided by Rev. Dae Hee Hong and was determined to follow the guidelines of the True Parents for this new era of the Holy Community.

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