Germany: First WCLC-Germany Zoom-Conference with Pastors

By Bernhard Leyer, Claus Dubisz, FFWPU Germany

Already in March we had planned to hold a small conference to bring together the participants of the World Clergy Leadership Conference Rally in New Jersey on 27 December 2019, as well as the religious leaders who had attended Summit 2020 in Korea in February.

Although the limitations brought by the corona pandemic prevented a ‚physical‘ meeting, almost all of the participants were able to participate in a ZOOM meeting on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

Memories of both large events were reawakened by a slide show and video clips, and the pastors reported enthusiastically about their impressions and experiences. All agreed: we have never experienced anything like this before!

Most of these pastors, although working in Germany, are originally from Africa. Our next challenge is that of building a bridge to the Christians here in this country in the spirit of unity.

 Dieter Schmidt, president of FFWPU Germany, expressed the following in his welcoming remarks: This is now the time where people are reflecting more and are open for all that we have to offer- a message of hope from God and the possibility for all of us to go beyond the boundaries of our particular denomination. This was one of the most decisive experiences, especially in New York. We all came together as Christians, but nobody spoke about his ‚small church‘, rather we became one in the spirit of Jesus and this brought with it huge power.

Future plans are to hold extended ZOOM conferences with friends and contacts of the pastors, as well as worship services held together with the Family Federation in May.

We pray that in this way, our movement finally can fulfill its original name:”The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity“.

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