Father’s Response to Difficulty

Dr. Durst and his wife

By Dr. Mose Durst

In 1984, Father was unfairly convicted of evading the payment of taxes on money he held for the use of the church. This resulted in him spending time in a US prison. True Parents had by then invested millions of dollars to help America to realize its great mission in front of God. Had he and our accountants known that a small amount of tax was due to be paid to the US government, they would have paid it right way.

At a certain point, when the US Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal, it became clear that Father would have to go to prison. This short testimony by Dr. Mose Durst, our US Church President at the time, gives insight into Father’s mindset.

At East Garden on Monday morning, May 14, I was waiting for the telephone call about the decision. At 10:10 a.m. the phone rang. Everyone had been so hopeful—from the amicus groups that had supported us in the media, to our own family. It was stunning to receive the news that the Supreme Court did not want to hear the case.

I then went into the dining room where Father, his family, and some of the elders of our church were waiting. I fell to my knees and repented before him and had to tell him that, I was sorry, the Court had denied the request to hear the case. Father immediately stood up and asked first the four Blessed couples [among the True Children and their spouses] to stand, and he prayed.

In his prayer he gave thanks to God, and thanks that he could have this mission; he then gave assurance to God that he would be unshakable in seeking to fulfill his mission.

If there was ever a time that I have been moved by the existence of faith in the world and in the existence of God, it was at that moment. Only once before was I ever moved like that, and that was at the time of Heung Jin nim’s death.

Dr. Durst (standing at left, facing Father) applauds as Father takes a stand against racial prejudice and religious bigotry upon his return to the US to face his indictment.

That day, some months earlier, I had come to East Garden on that morning at six o’clock. I did not know that Heung-jin nim had died the previous night at around 2:00 a.m. One of the sisters at East Garden told me that Heung-jin nim had passed away. I was the only one there when Father came downstairs.

The first words I said to Father were: “Father, I am so sorry….”

Father immediately replied to me, “Don’t worry, he went to a good place.” Then Mother came down and I felt I should excuse myself, because I thought it would be a moment that they would want to spend together; and certainly there was no need for me to be there. But both Father and Mother insisted: “What are you talking about? Sit down and have breakfast, let’s continue with what has to be done …. “

That’s exactly what happened in a similar way after the prayer of thanksgiving, that Father gave on Monday following the announcement of the Supreme Court decision. Immediately he thought of how we could take this suffering and bring forth goodness out of it. The essential theme of Father’s prayer was not only gratitude, but the desire to do God’s will at any cost.

One day soon afterwards as I left East Garden, Father said to me, after I told him again and again that I was sorry, he said to me with a smile: “It’s good to go to a humble place.” That’s the kind of attitude Father had in terms of doing God’s will, no matter what.

Father demonstrates such an extraordinary example of what faith is in such a faithless world. Not only can a human being have such a divine nature, but divinity itself can exist in such a human being. I wish the world could know the reality of True Parents!

Father has emphasized to us that although we are hurt and although we may suffer we must respond with even greater love, greater zeal, greater faith, greater desire to do God’s will. He doesn’t want us to be paralyzed in guilt. He wants us to repent for whatever sins we have committed, shortcomings we may have, and so forth. But once we have sincerely repented, he wants us more deeply and genuinely than ever to go this course and to accomplish God’s will.

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  1. Susan D. Schroeder says:

    Thank you so much for your testimony about these two experiences with True Parents. I’ve heard stories from and about Father being humble in front of torture, loss and other extreme difficulties, but somehow it never seemed to apply to me. My situation has always been difficult, it’s become a way of life, but that’s not what you’re saying here. I am inspired to take another look at myself and see if I can turn my difficulties into victories and follow our True Parent’s way.

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