USA: Give Great Hope to Each Other

Prepared by FFWPU USA

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, regional chairman of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) North America, gave the following message during the weekly leaders’ Zoom call on April 14, 2020.

Thank you so much for your great effort and prayer for the sake of God’s providence and True Parents and for all our brothers and sisters throughout the nation and world.

In my message last Sunday, I said true love is mentioned in every paragraph of True Parents’ words. But I want to correct myself: while I was reading the Hoon Dok Hwe in this morning’s Godible episode, I realized true love appears not in every paragraph but in every sentence—sometimes mentioned up to three times—and I can feel deeply, when I’m reading Hoon Dok Hwe, how they express their meaning of True Love.

True love is living for the sake of others. This is God’s love. In the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven, this is practiced everywhere by every person and every place is filled with it. In the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, it is practiced in every family on the planet and then, when we go to the next world, we see the same practice.

True Parents really understand what true love is. True love is connected to all the cells in our body. It is connected to how we function. According to the principle of God, creation cannot function well without true love—without feeling true love. I meditated on this. God’s essence is love. So how can we really understand this, even once, if we are not really practicing it? If we cannot feel it, we cannot have ownership over it, we cannot own the four-position-foundation that encompasses the three different kinds of love centering on God.

When True Mother proclaimed the Heavenly Parent Church movement two weeks ago, and said we would be practicing this new movement for the next 7 years—possibly 10—I thought, this is the greatest offering. Why? The meaning of “Gyo-Dahn” is bigger than just “church.” It is not narrow-minded in its definition. When people hear the word church, they think of denominations. “Gyo-Dahn” has a cosmic-level meaning. I believe from this moment on God’s providence will transform into something better, something that is best for the sake of establishing Cheon Il Guk on Earth.

Early this morning we talked about how we can overcome this financial crisis and how we can overcome our spiritual struggles and how we can overcome loneliness, and we thought, through all this suffering, can God protect me? We think of everything on the individual level. Sometimes we talk about the bigger picture and about our brothers and sisters in all 50 states. I say to our great American leadership, let us overcome this struggle. Right now is a great opportunity centering on True Parents and Heavenly Parent. This is a unique turning point. Everybody can feel that we must change our lifestyle 100% and center our living on our Heavenly Parent. If we do this, we will see, with our own eyes, the invisible things we read about in Hoon Dok Hwe become visible. And when we practice this opportunity, America will start to live for the sake of the world.

We have benefited greatly in the last 50 years thanks to our True Parents, especially here in America. True Parents stayed 50 years here. We inherited True Parents’ victorious foundation. True Parents left everything to this country. What I am most repentant for at this time is that we didn’t stand up for the sake of the world while True Parents were here in America. If this country continues to think only of herself, she will perish. Yes, God’s blessing will stay with us. So even though we have a lot of challenges, cutting budgets here and cutting payroll there, God respects what little we can offer. This little condition and True Mother’s big offering of the Heavenly Parent Church, or Haneul Bumonin Gyo-Dahn, is a great offering.

We can learn from True Mother’s conditions. Yes, we are in pain, our families are in pain, but how can we overcome our pain and be uplifted and give out an uplifted spirit to others? This is a more God-centered way of thinking. This is how I am experiencing a personal awakening while I practice shelter-in-place and do Hoon Dok Hwe and make prayer conditions. God shows us the way we can bring God’s glory and True Parents’ Glory into the family. True love. The fundamental basis of all things.

Living for the sake of others is how we build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. America needs to stand up for the sake of worldwide providence centering on True Mother and give an uplifting light of great hope amidst all this suffering and amidst so many wondering where God is.

I am 100% absolutely clear in my belief in True Mother and my belief in True Parents and Heavenly Parent and I know we can overcome. I believe a miracle is taking place invisible to us now but will become visible to us when we practice true love and we will be able to give great hope to all the people around this nation and world.

God bless you.

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